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  1. DunkrWunkah

    So, I've logged in after about 7 years or so, and taken a look at my old posts. Wow, I was one...

    So, I've logged in after about 7 years or so, and taken a look at my old posts. Wow, I was one angsty teenager. It's actually hilarious.
  2. DunkrWunkah

    Hacking PSP will not reboot after installing 6.20 PRO B6

    Sorry to revive this old thread but I'm having the same issue on a psp-2000 after installing PRO B-9 on OFW 6.60. Psp turns off before it boots all the way up. Any help?
  3. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Connecting a Bootleg Poke Leaf Green to Heart Gold

    The hardware is different from the original game hardware, so there might be a part missing the DS needs to communicate with. Or something.
  4. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Games for a 7 year old?

    Cooking Mama 1 2 and 3.
  5. DunkrWunkah

    Hardware I do believe you are wrong

    What I want to know is how Nintendo could redesign the 3DS to make it so that this doesn't happen at all. They probably could have figured it out with the XL, but I assume they didn't care enough. Anyway,
  6. DunkrWunkah

    Misc Need help connecting to Wi-Fi bunjalloo v8

    What kind of security are you running on your router? The DS Lite doesn't support any kind of WPA, so that might be your problem.
  7. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming BAD CHARGING PORT on dsi

    Just make sure if you do take the Ds apart that you use a wriststrap so that the static doesn't ruin the board.
  8. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Need Help

    It takes quite an understanding of how the system reads the game code. Your best bet is to follow a tutorial on the cheats forum, as Rydian posted.
  9. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Does a Soul Silver save file work in Heart Gold?

    Yeah, it should work. Post if you have a problem.
  10. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Cant see 3d effect ...

    Thread derailed. Big time.
  11. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Cant see 3d effect ...

    Could it be possible that your unit is defective and that one of the screens is too dim?
  12. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Pokemon Black new game...

    I've never heard of that. Which city is it? What exactly is happening?
  13. DunkrWunkah

    Hacking USB Loader - Multidisk USB devices

    I'd suggest using a different drive. There isn't a fix for this that I know of. The Wii is just too damn old.
  14. DunkrWunkah

    Hacking Possible fix for USB loaders and new Motion+ controllers

    If I understand correctly, only the brand new White WiiMote+ are having issues?
  15. DunkrWunkah

    Hardware GamePro Writer Slams PS Vita

    Those aren't problems that are unfixable. He's nitpicking in my opinion, but to each his own. I think the Vita Will do great.
  16. DunkrWunkah

    Apple Updating Jailbroken iTouch 4 Firmware from 4.2.1 to 4.3.X

    Hello, I have an iPod Touch 4g which is running iOS 4.2.1 Some Apps do not support anything under 4.3. I would like to know if there is a method to updating to any 4.3 iOS while keeping all my data. I heard redsn0w is a good option, but I fear It may require a tethered boot, which is not...
  17. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Skyrim Glitch and or Stupidity on my Behalf

    I guess it will give me time to 100% Oblivion. Thanks anyway.
  18. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Skyrim Glitch and or Stupidity on my Behalf

    I did and nothing yet. That was the reason I posted here XD
  19. DunkrWunkah

    Gaming Skyrim Glitch and or Stupidity on my Behalf Here is a video. Can anyone help me?
  20. DunkrWunkah

    Galaxy Tab Banned In Europe

    Are you saying that any tablet that has a screen either smaller, or larger than 10 inches will fail? Just because it's the norm? What if they have something to offer that can make up for that? I think assuming it's trash just because of the screen size is a bit naive.
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