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  1. dpad_5678

    US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

    I love that video where Trump boasts about pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Weak lil orange dude.
  2. dpad_5678

    The Gigaleak 7: Switch SDK from 2015/More Internal Documents

    True, but that can't legally jeopardize someone. That just voids your warranty. I'm guessing either Nemoid was publishing confidential and/or copyrighted material, or it's another empty threat from Nintendo that will never work (like them sending a C&D or whatever they did to someone who...
  3. dpad_5678

    The Gigaleak 7: Switch SDK from 2015/More Internal Documents

    I still don't understand, though. Reverse engineering is completely legal, so what legal recourse does/did Nintendo have? Isn't it the same reason why Nintendo is completely unable to legally go after Smealum?
  4. dpad_5678

    Gaming Found a Nintendo 3ds Dev System with an unknow game ? "3D Challange"

    Holy ass, I remember commenting on this thread three years ago. Awesome to see such an interesting piece of dev history being released!
  5. dpad_5678

    Post a picture of your desktop!

    My favorite game of all time.
  6. dpad_5678

    Hacking possible exploit in switch browser

    The community appreciates the thought and the enthusiasm, however, most of the time entrypoints are found in applications that you'd never think would be vulnerable like Cubic Ninja, OoT (in the 3DS's case), and I'm sure hackers have already torn the Switch's browser service apart a thousand...
  7. dpad_5678

    WTS Atomic purple Nintendo Switch with Trinket m0

    Tweeted about it if anybody cares. What a scumbag. Sorry about your money, OP :( I'd keep fighting the bank for the money back as much as you can. In my experience, Wells Fargo is pretty good with this type of thing.
  8. dpad_5678

    Hacking Patching Out DSI Enhancement for Injects?

    I know that there's a certain address in the ROM's header that tells the device (or emulator) whether the ROM is a NTR (DS) or TWL (DSi-enhanced or DSi-only) title. I'm not sure if the Wii U VC just isn't compatible with DSi titles, or if it actively checks to see if it's a DSi game and refuses...
  9. dpad_5678

    Comment by 'dpad_5678' in 'I'm going to be a father... :-)'

    Congratulations!! I'm 17, but I honestly can't wait to raise a kid. It's very appealing to me and it may be the one thing in mature adult life that I am genuinely looking forward to. Super happy for you, man! <3
  10. dpad_5678

    Homebrew Memory Pit - A new DSi exploit for DSi camera!

    Um?? AWESOME! Wish I would've waited instead of trying to hardmod a DSi I got on eBay for $9 a few weeks ago that I ended up destroying with my horrible soldering skills.
  11. dpad_5678

    Feminists and Liberals Gets Owned by Fake Studies

    Okay and Ben Shapiro is a weak man who's scared of gay dudes, so what's your point?
  12. dpad_5678

    Trump Launches Website to Report Social Media Censorship

    I filled it out and because I'm a 12 year old at heart, I submitted some of the most vile shit I could think of. I should also add that private websites are ALLOWED to violate Free Speech, as there's nothing to say they have to obey them in the first place. The government does, not corps...
  13. dpad_5678

    'Minecraft Earth', a mobile AR game, announced

    Looks awesome! Gotta love how people say Minecraft has always been the same, yet Microsoft somehow ruined it as it used to be "a decent game", lulz. Can't wait for this.
  14. dpad_5678

    Tutorial Photo guide to installing DSiWare backups on real hardware and emulator

    Wow, wish I knew some of this at the time. Probably doubled the time it took for me to install DSiWare by just making up the tickets alone. 10 years later, and the console's finally cracked wide open.
  15. dpad_5678

    Hey all :D

    That was uncalled for........welcome to GBAtemp. +Respect
  16. dpad_5678

    Hey all :D

    Welcome! :) We'll do our best to make you feel welcome but I'd personally still want you to roast the living hell out of any and all of us.
  17. dpad_5678

    Gaming Is it someways to contact Nintendo and give some request for Smash?

    He was joking. It's a known joke referiref to someone's dad (or uncle) working for Nintendo/Sony/MS.
  18. dpad_5678

    Do you support marijuana legalization?

    These would be my exact responses as well.
  19. dpad_5678

    Denver voted today to effectively decriminalize psilocybin (magic mushrooms)

    Well, remember the same people that are against legalization of marijuana get drunk four days a week to celebrate their own religion, when alcohol is known to have absolutely devastating effects on the human body.
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