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  1. isoboy

    Gaming Will there be a translation patch for Tomodachi Collection: New Life?

    Tomodachi Life on 3ds isn't the first? Wow, I didn't know.
  2. isoboy

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Metal Gear Solid

    Nord and Bert? I had to google it. You must be older than Snake.
  3. isoboy

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Metal Gear Solid

    MGS1 plays a lot like pac-man. Let that sink in a little bit.
  4. isoboy

    Hardware POLL: How bad is your joycon drift

    I had to open up my left joycon and swap out the joystick. It's shitty plastic parts and Nintendo is not my friend. :)
  5. isoboy

    Hacking is 5.05 the best firmware to be on due to backporting?

    Your box will die due to the cmos battery either way. :D
  6. isoboy

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Pocket Card Jockey

    Det ser ut som noe mobil RÆL. I tried it a few months ago and enjoyed the two hours. I never returned to it, seemed like a hell of a timesink.
  7. isoboy

    Analogue will have limited restocks of their Nt Mini Noir and Super Nt systems tomorrow
  8. isoboy

    Gaming Professor layton and the curious village how extract?

    You have a good taste in games.
  9. isoboy

    Hacking What CFW do you use?

    Hold my hand and we'll wait for it together.
  10. isoboy

    Gaming PS5 interface opinion and PSNow account sharing bug

    I think the way the PS5 UI looks now is really dumb and I'm seriously a bit confused when navigating around. Dumb all around but I don't play mine a lot and jump straight into a game anyways so it's not something that bothers me. I don't spend my time in the UI but I'm not a fan of it at all.
  11. isoboy

    Hacking Best way to mod a 360 in 2021?

    If this site's guide isn't up to date... is there a better one? I've looked into it a few times myself but kind of gave up on it as it looks like too much of a hassle. Apparently I have a falcon.
  12. isoboy

    'Grand Theft Auto III' and 'Grand Theft Auto Vice City' have been fully reverse-engineered

    I believe the PS2 version has song they cut due to copyright or licensing or something on it all in?
  13. isoboy

    Hacking [Suggestion] PS4 Bundles & Firmware List

    What's the status on 8.00? Nothing yet?
  14. isoboy

    Hacking 11.0.1 firmware and still no SXOS update

    You're repeating this every other post you write. You're like an old stubborn creaking mill. While amusing, it's also boring.
  15. isoboy

    Hacking 11.0.1 firmware and still no SXOS update

    They will deliver next update, have some faith.
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