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  1. anhminh

    What are your most wanted source code leaks?

    Rune Factory 4 since it is my favorite game. Imagine all the mod I can use on it like Stardew Valley.
  2. anhminh

    Game crash and show error 2002-2039?

    I already replace a new one. Should I try to reinstall it?
  3. anhminh

    Game crash and show error 2002-2039?

    Happen with few of my game. I'm on latest asm and sigpatch with fw 13.0. I though it was my SD reader broke so I replace it but it still happen. One of the newest game I install froze on start for 30 second before running as well, even after I change other rom and install it on internal storage...
  4. anhminh

    Valve shows a look inside the Steam Deck through a detailed teardown

    They seem to target at tech savvy with this because to casual gamer and kid don't really care about most of thing they try to advertise.
  5. anhminh

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Final “Mr. Sakurai Presents” - Kingdom Hearts' Sora joins the fight

    Some day Touhou will finally be recognized as a Video Game franchise, but that day is not today.
  6. anhminh

    PlayStation Showcase announced for September 9th, will focus on "what's next" for the PS5

    Am I the only one who feel discomfort seeing real looking human in video game? They keep looking more and more real, it creep me out a lots. Like they look like human but something seem... odd. It different than watching real human in movie, it just weird.
  7. anhminh

    Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town to arrive on PC next month

    What with all the resentment at Nintendo lately? Is it that abnormal for a third party game to release on multiplatform? Did Steam Deck doing that bad that people have to took jabs at Switch every chance they get?
  8. anhminh

    Zelda-inspired action-adventure title 'XEL' announced; launches on PC and Consoles in 2022

    Everyone try to recreate the lighting in the bottle but the best they could make is a single LED.
  9. anhminh

    What was your favorite newly revealed Hisuian Pokemon form from the Legends: Arceus trailer?

    I swear people care more about tree than the Pokemon there days.
  10. anhminh

    Pokemon Presents August 18th - new details on D/P remakes, Legends Arceus gets release date

    I imagine Legend would be like BOTW but turn out it is Monster Hunter instead. But then again, Monster Hunter style fit Pokemon better than botw.
  11. anhminh

    Your favorite fan-made projects?

    Most fan-made project nowadays are just simple mod or go straight to inspired indie game route. It made sense since it would be way too much trouble to deal with copyright and selling game make you more money than donation.
  12. anhminh

    US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

    If anything I was taught is true, they weren't able to change shit in Vietnam war either. How can you claim winning anything when you wasn't able to archive any goal?
  13. anhminh

    US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

    50 years from now: "Technically, US didn't lose the Afghanistan war..."
  14. anhminh

    AYA NEO announces new handheld gaming PC, the AYA NEO 2021 Pro

    Nah, making cheap hardware is actually a great strategy that only Nintendo can pull off. Cheap hardware mean it is easier to sale to casual gamer and family who just want a game console to play with. Those people don't give a fuck about XZY CPU, framerate, RTX, SSD... because they don't even...
  15. anhminh

    AYA NEO announces new handheld gaming PC, the AYA NEO 2021 Pro

    Oh wow, look at all those Switch Killer. Whoever put a hit on that console must be pretty loaded to hire that many hitmen.
  16. anhminh

    A new Nintendo Indie World Showcase will be livestreamed tomorrow

    Good, about time we got more casual game. Adult don't have time to invest into trash AAA game so I don't really have anything to look forward in normal direct.
  17. anhminh

    Hacking Are software exploits for tyhe switch even being looked at atm?

    The interest is rather low on console hacking since they have lower user base and just as tight security. At most there is only one or two team care enough to exploit it and it could take year before one success since most of them working solo.
  18. anhminh

    Sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sells for $2 mil, breaks last month's record of most expensive game

    I sure this is stupid but nothing make surprise after seeing NFT.
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