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  1. netovsk

    The DualSense is getting two new color options, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red

    Such a great taste for color schemes, amazing. Too bad my R2 trigger was busted within a month's use. It's really loose as if the spring gave up and it shouldn't happen as it has force feedback. I want to believe they didn't test it enough but it's more likely that Sony opted to screw...
  2. netovsk

    Walmart and Target will no longer sell Pokemon cards in store due to "safety concerns"

    As I play magic, I was commenting with a fellow player how absurd it was that certain cards were over 5k dollars, then I did a bit of research and found out that certain pokemon cards are 50k. I mean, with all the crypto speculation going on today, it should make sense, but I guess I'm getting...
  3. netovsk

    Joe Biden Wins - Becomes 46th president of the United States

    Yay! That's great news for the rest of the world. Thanks guys!
  4. netovsk

    Hardware Which Playstation 5 would you like to buy?

    The one with the disc drive, of course. No regrets when I spot physical copies on sale.
  5. netovsk

    PlayStation 5’s UI revealed in official video

    Couldn`t they have someone from their USA division read the script? Having a hard time with the accent.
  6. netovsk

    Nintendo Switch hackers Team Xecuter leaders arrested, charged in federal indictment

    Here we go again! At least I updated my SX last week, before servers go down.
  7. netovsk

    Sony releases official PS5 teardown video

    I want a PC-like experience! Are they introducing cheats?
  8. netovsk

    More PlayStation 5 information reveals $69.99 price point for games, launch lineup, and PS4 versions

    I really like the design on the console. Pricing is ok but I wouldn`t risk going all digital since sony 1st parties are mostly disposable single player.
  9. netovsk

    [POLL] 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    I hope you guys elect whoever makes the exchange rates for dollar go down in my country.
  10. netovsk

    Xbox Series X pricing, pre-order and release dates announced

    Fair pricing. Not much of a reason to pick one up now though.
  11. netovsk

    Sony is skipping E3 2020, PlayStation 5 will be instead shown at other consumer events

    They're missing the single biggest gaming spotlight of the year to save what should be, if they are financially sucessful as their console sales suggest, a few bucks?
  12. netovsk

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Dead Rising

    Since I played dead rising 3 and 4 before playing the 1st game, I can only say the praise for the 1st game is contained within nostalgia or considering the experience at the time it was released, because it's such a worse game compared to latter entries and DR4 Frank West >>>>> DR1 Frank West...
  13. netovsk

    Ubisoft reveals that its delayed games will be cross gen and release on PS5 and Project Scarlett

    Persona 5, trails of cold steel, et cetera No, there's no extra effort. It's just because they can milk some extra, as you proved.
  14. netovsk

    PlayStation Plus games for November now available

    Epic Store gives 2 actual free games every week and never saw it on the headlines Even steam gives free games every now and then. Is this sponsored by Sony? Looks like an ad.
  15. netovsk

    Ubisoft reveals that its delayed games will be cross gen and release on PS5 and Project Scarlett

    So, following the trend on releases available on both PS3 and PS4, will they charge 20-50% more on the current gen versions just because?
  16. netovsk

    'Death Stranding' announced for PC

    Good thing they announced it now. Releasing it as a PS4 exclusive and a few days later not anymore would be shady as f. Still getting it on ps4 prob because trophies + physical copy + sell after beating the game to recover $30 or more.
  17. netovsk

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC

    Cool but I'd rather buy on xbox since physical disk holds value compared to download.
  18. netovsk

    Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition will be releasing on the Switch soon

    Or get to press button A 80 times a minute for each single dialogue because font size had to be this big. Edit: Considering the 5+ minutes loading screns this game will likely have on a switch, at least there is plenty of time to eat carrots and what not for those who dare to try.
  19. netovsk

    The Original DOOM trilogy has quietly launched on Switch/PS4/XB1

    Doom 3 was awesome. If it's the BFG edition and 4k enhanced, definitely getting it on the X1X.
  20. netovsk

    Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition will be releasing on the Switch soon

    Loading screens on this game takes forever on the PS4. I wonder how they dealt with the fact that you get A LOT of text to read coupled with a small screen in handheld mode (and even worse on the soon to come switch lite). I can only imagine what a torture it should be to play PoE on a Switch...
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