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  1. nWo

    Homebrew Space Cadet Pinball Switch port

    Oh damn. I used to play this, with my father and brother in some dark times when the three where unemployed. I remember we still lived togheter, and on a few mornings we went to the living room and played this, alternating turns, having some fun and at the same time, worried and wondering what...
  2. nWo

    Hacking Should I update my atmosphere and switch version

    Well there are a handful of games that can´t be patched out there, but nothing bad yet. I am on 11.0 and enjoying until the last moment. Yes you can patch the majority of new titles, but sooner or later, all the newer games will come in a new format that, as far as I can tell, can't be patched...
  3. nWo

    Homebrew RELEASE pPlay: switch video player

    Thanks, looking forward to this!!
  4. nWo

    The Kingdom Hearts games are headed to the Nintendo Switch through cloud streaming

    Sadly, here in my country cloud gaming is just a dream. The internet is so dang slow that it is impossible to run a game. Even if it were possible, I dislike cloud gaming. I think it really sucks.
  5. nWo

    Goodbye to web browsing the Internet in your 3DS

    Change is melting everything. Always has, always will. Enjoy the moment.
  6. nWo

    Life is Strange Remastered Collection gets new release date of February 1, 2022

    I played chapter one on Xbox a whiile ago, and it was prett good. Think I'll give it a shot.
  7. nWo

    Nintendo Direct announced for tomorrow, September 23rd

    Hope there is a Smash announcement so all those people saying there isn't going to be anything of Smash eat shit and remain there, watching their suck ass posts. And some new game announcements would be nice, too.
  8. nWo

    Hacking SXOS is there a way to search among games?

    It is a legit license, Tinfoil 12 installed as NSP and that´s all. It works well and good. This is really the only thing we need now on atmos 12.x.x - 13.0 This way it would be complete. Let´s just hope somebody takes the cake and make it. I know all the illegal morality etc. but c'mon....
  9. nWo

    Hacking SXOS is there a way to search among games?

    i tried this and it works flawlessly. Did not know about it until now. Thank you, this would be pretty neat on Atmos, I now its not likely, but man would it be cool to mount XCI this way.
  10. nWo

    Hacking Rumor SX OS is not over

    Thanks. So, first do the emuMMC of SX now that I'm on 11.0, then after the emu is created, update the sysnand to use atmos there. I think I got it right this time. It is the first time ever that I am going to use emunand, so, I appreciate your help. I am going to use the SX emu only to mount...
  11. nWo

    Hacking Rumor SX OS is not over

    So, let´s say I update my sysnand to FW 12.x.x but also create a emunand for SX OS on FW 11.0 That should be enough to have them dual boot? my switch is banned so I dont care about online etc. Only want to have SX OS for the XCI mounting and atmosphere on latest for the games that are coming out.
  12. nWo

    LEGO announces Super Mario 64 themed playset

    I thought that it was going to be like the LEGO Mario electronic series. I myself am not a LEGO fan, but the LEGO Mario... damn when I see what it was and all that, I was happy because it is really nice to have around, and because it almost looks nothing like a LEGO, so I was okay with it. When...
  13. nWo

    ...after all, the clock is ever ticking...

    ...after all, the clock is ever ticking...
  14. nWo

    Homebrew Question Android Bully, How do i get it to run?

    I downloaded it from a apk page, and there is some sort of order in which you need to unpack the zips on specific folders. I'm sorry I can't help you in a more detailed way, but my Switch is not available to check that info at this moment. But yeah, I tried a couple of times and there was error...
  15. nWo

    Gaming What would you have loved to see in the 3D All-stars Collection?

    Well, I understand they released each game close to the original experience, but yeah, it needed more: -Galaxy 2 -Mario 64 optional widescreen / HD -Art gallery -A video, like the one in "Zelda Collector´s Edition" for Gamecube -A little better music gallery, it feels rushed and without soul...
  16. nWo

    Hacking Rumor SX OS is not over

    Don't be one of those guys. I for one have a 512 gb card, and I still use the XCI mounting on TV. You know, I am a retro player, so I like to have at hand my favorite N64, PS1, GBA and whatnot titles. And before you say, "you will not going to need X number of games at once!" Well, yeah, I do...
  17. nWo

    Hacking Rumor SX OS is not over

    Whoa there, dude. Chill a bit and enjoy your atmosphere. Let the people who use SX enjoy it till it's useless. For now, some people use it, some not, just let them be. Live and let die. If they stick with it to the end or not, let them do so. (And I for one, fine the XCI mounting as a...
  18. nWo

    Hacking Rumor SX OS is not over

    I just hope that at some point, someone can update the SX to the newer firmwares, and all could use the OS for free and enjoy the features.
  19. nWo

    New images for live-action 'Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City' released

    Well, I know one must not judge until the product goes live but, hell, with all the latest shit movies / shows the last 10 or more years Hollywood has shoved down on all of our throats, this is looking really bad. I got a junkie friend who looks exactly like that.... "Leon"... shit... I just...
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