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  1. demonicstrife

    New Kickstarter "Mighty No. 9 by Comcept, MegaMan successor?

    SOURCE I feel like he's trolling Capcom at this point, but I'm all for this.
  2. demonicstrife

    Microsoft adjusts Xbox One DRM policies, online check-ins and used game complications are history

    Wait, so a day 1 patch is supposed to remove the DRM. But what happens to those folks who can't connect online to even do that.......?
  3. demonicstrife

    GBAtemp ponders E3 2013 -- Sony.

  4. demonicstrife

    GBAtemp ponders E3 2013 -- Sony.

    PS4 wins. Wii U guaranteed second place.
  5. demonicstrife

    GBAtemp ponders E3 2013 -- Sony.

    It's in development.
  6. demonicstrife

    GBAtemp ponders E3 2013 -- Microsoft

    That incredible AI. Crashed within 2 minutes, lol.
  7. demonicstrife

    More [unconfirmed] XBONE info.

    This fucking Xbox. Just when you think it's bad, it keeps getting worse. 1. Confirmed Microsoft is actively attempting to get developers to not mention PS4 versions. If they don't say "OUR GAME IS EXCLUSIVE FOR XBONE" expect a PS4 version. 2. More DRM messaging at Gamescom. There is no rental...
  8. demonicstrife

    Gaming MHU or MH4

    Wii U version if you have one, otherwise you can try to solo everything in MH3U. MH4, like you said, is probably gonna take years to come over.
  9. demonicstrife

    Geoff Keighley: Sources say Sony will include PS4 used game DRM

    Like xist said, learning about a new rumor every other day at this point is getting ridiculous. E3's right around the corner so I'd rather hear about official confirmations then. Though I consider this unlikely given how many gamers care about used and second-hand games, and how bad MS has it...
  10. demonicstrife

    Microsoft Creative Director Comments on Always-Online

    Jesus Christ, lol. Shit's ending up on NBCNews as well as a bunch of non-gaming sites now.
  11. demonicstrife

    Microsoft Creative Director Comments on Always-Online

    Honestly, this kind of move gives hackers a reason to break the system. It's not like they have trouble breaking all the DRM on PC games, and with how popular the Microsoft brand is (and how hacked the 360 was), it'll only be a matter of time. That's not to say it'll be easy, but even the PS3...
  12. demonicstrife

    [Rumor] Sony Planning Another Big PS4 Blowout

    I feel this year's E3 is gonna top 'em all. And thousands of Xbox gamers are already moving over to Playstation, lol.
  13. demonicstrife

    Microsoft Creative Director Comments on Always-Online

    Just incredible. Adam Orth, aka "Sweet Billy", a creative director at Microsoft Studios, decided to comment about the always-online rumors of the upcoming NextBox/Durango. Ever since his twitter feed went public (which is now locked), this news has basically spread all across the Internet...
  14. demonicstrife

    ROM Hack [Release] Tales of the Tempest Translation

    Just how bad is this game that it would receive a full translation as a joke? o_O
  15. demonicstrife

    Hacking Final Fantasy Type-0 RomHacking

    When the merged ISO is compressed as a CSO, it's actually around 1.5 GBs, and it runs fine with no notable loading problems. Would that work under the 2 GB file limit?
  16. demonicstrife

    PS1/2 Now my PS2 won't detect the internal hard drive.

    Try Open PS2 Loader and check the ports on your network adapter for anything wrong. Also, how large is the drive?
  17. demonicstrife

    Wii U sales worrying UK retailers

    More like the lack of original, AAA games. Around 70 to 80% of the titles on the system are enhanced ports; the only recent title people have really watched for was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Once it gets the proper games, sales will spike, just like the 3DS a year ago.
  18. demonicstrife

    PS2 Classics cracked: Convert your PS2 ISOs for play on 4.xx CFW PS3s

    Really, it's the reason I still have a PS2. So I know I still have access to those games that'll never end up on the store. (I'd normally emulate, but my computer's not up to snuff) Pretty much. They're basically selling back our games when they could've just improved the emulator and...
  19. demonicstrife

    Hacking Without any mods , My wii plays backup!

    Dunno about you but I'd be pretty surprised too if my Wii was playing backups without any knowledge of modification. But yeah, he either got it used, or depending on the location, the retailer installed the modchip.
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