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  1. DCG

    Android What music player do you use?

    Poweramp. Been using it for 10 years now? It was the first player supporting flac on devices not supporting it natively. I've been using it on almost a daily basis, so I've more then got my money's worth out of it.
  2. DCG

    COVID: The Outbreak announced

    "In what might be the most distasteful game announcement since Hatred, Polish studio Jujubee has revealed an upcoming title, COVID: The Outbreak:" And still you decided to post an article about it for those sweet clicks ;)
  3. DCG

    Players may experience slower or delayed download speeds, as Sony "manages" PSN traffic

    No, but it is freaking annoying as someone from the Netherlands... One(?) Country has a little problem, fuck over the entire EU and don't give them a discount... And it wasn't fast to begin with... I could literally download doom 2016 on my pc a couple of times, whilst the PS4 is busy updating...
  4. DCG

    LEGO Super Mario collaboration revealed, slated for release later this year

    I'm somewhat surprised by the choice of lego as opposed to Nanoblocks, since pokemon/gamefreak seems to have a deal with them (as do the companies behind evangelion, ultraman and godzilla).
  5. DCG

    Comment by 'DCG' in 'PS Vita restoration—from black to red'

    Wow, blue text on the dark mode really hurts on the eyes...
  6. DCG

    The dreaded "SJW"

    That almost reads as an "If you're not with us, you're against us" :/ The problem I'm having with most SJW's or "progressives" is most of the time they don't think past the current problem and what a certain "fix" will do in the future, or how it can be exploited. A female friend of mine use to...
  7. DCG

    alienware m15x odd sound when updating bios driver from support assistant

    Alienware owner here. During normal operations, you'll probably see 60-70 % fan speed, if you have an overclock, it'll almost guarantee 70%. During a bios update however it'll go to 100% (most likely due to the parts that drive the fan speed being offline for the update). You're lucky you...
  8. DCG

    CD Projekt and 'The Witcher' book author end royalties dispute and sign new deal

    The author is a greedy sleezebag imo... They offered him a royalty based system at first, but because he didn't believe in games as a medium he rejected that and wanted an up front amount. I'd also like to demand more pay if my work turns out to be more valuable in the long run, but since I just...
  9. DCG

    Things you recently bought or got

    I came home from my first vacation in 3 years. I got myself some stuff :) got some more in transport, which I don't seem to have taken pictures of :/ We went to the opening of the pokemon center at shibuya and I boight the tyranitar and a "shibuya art" pikachu doll, my sister grabbed a...
  10. DCG

    Misc Does anyone know how to make support for WPA/PSK 2 in DS games?

    I ran into "this" issue a while back. If you have a raspberry pie 3B (or any one with wifi) laying around, there is a repository you can install on raspbian, which adds pre determined wifi hosting settings with a nice browser based interface. Next you'll need to look up wep on raspberry and...
  11. DCG

    Pokemon Sword and Shield sell 1.3 million copies in Japan, biggest debut for a Switch title

    I'm currently in Japan on a holiday. I spoke to a local here and she said if it wasn't for her pre-orders (both sword and shield), she would have dropped the games the moment the cut dex was announced and the bugs would have been found out (climbing and the trainer disappearing during fights)...
  12. DCG

    everyone's health intact

    I would probably agree to this statement a couple of years ago, but then I started powerlifting and it got me into a sort of "runners high". Now I really want my (at least) two hours of exercise a week, otherwise I'm feeling like I have too much excess energy. My weight could be optimized, but...
  13. DCG

    What do you think of Jarvis' lifetime ban?

    I hate fortnite, but I still think he deserved the lifetime ban. As others have said, he made money from playing it, would you also cheat at work, or steal? @FAST6191 Hardware ID's are something quite easy and hella effective :) "We" had problems with hackers in "Renegade X" then hardware ID's...
  14. DCG

    Favourite chemical, technology and censorship overreactions.

    Probably: Uranium. It's one of the least stressful ones on the environment and, if designed properly, one of the safest ones. Video games. Mass shooting, blame games! Agression, blame games! In censorship, I would say gamergate, but they were (and are) trying to tale aspect of games away...
  15. DCG

    Homebrew RELEASE Heart of Darkness

    Oh, god this game. The swimming levels still haunt my dreams after all those years (couldn't get past, I think, one of the last ones). Might give it a go :p
  16. DCG

    Pokemon Company corrects statement from Game Informer article; new Pokemon games won't have 18 gyms

    So journalists reading stuff wrong? Was reading the story on nintendosoup and it clearly stated "will have 18 gyms between the two", so I read it as sword will have 9 and shield will have 9 different ones.
  17. DCG

    Teens promise to fix "climate change" with great idea

    Yes, the climate changes, like everything in the universe it has cycles. I know this is but one side of the coin, but still (refering to the famous 97%, and I believe the formula for global warming). Also, flat earth is real! In all...
  18. DCG

    Hardware Can someone explain all about VR gears?

    Well, most of the time the screen is the most expensive, and these have 2. You also have the positioning systems. And last but certainly not least, the R&D costs. Part quality is also an concern, I don't know how often I've hit my headset to date....
  19. DCG

    Give-away Retroflag update SUPERpi cases with faux cartridge slots + GIVE-AWAY!

    Might be a nice case for a pie running a linux hotspot for an nintendo ds and wii :)
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