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    5 years of DS roms in 5 days- year 1

    I remember buying my DS Phat on the first day it was out, from Best Buy, I managed to get the last one . Hard to believe its been over 5 years since! It still works great, and I love my cycloDS
  2. J

    Help? I like this image
  3. J

    RPG Maker DS Gameplay

    Are they really going to be able to keep a whole RPG in a save file? That's insane!
  4. J

    Hacking can wii emulate .exe files?

    Obviously a mac user: note the use of the word 'app' and the bashing of Windows. Just messing with you
  5. J

    Hacking can wii emulate .exe files?

    Short answer: no. Long answer: it would take you years and years and still no .exe is windows specific. Sorry.
  6. J

    70 dollars what to buy

    Save it for when you actually want to buy something. /thread.
  7. J

    DS #3248: Wordfish (USA)

    Just some words that may have been on the boxart with pan_p 7 letters panoply 8 letters panoptic 9 letters panoplied panoplies panspermy 10 letters panophobia panoptical panopticon panspermia panspermic 11 letters panopticons panspermism panspermist 12 letters panspermatic panspermists...
  8. J

    Hacking Game Copy Pro

    Haha, they claim on the site that you DON'T need a modchip. Dummies
  9. J

    Limited edition Gold EDGE Kit give-away!

    WOW, I really like your buttons!
  10. J

    Limited edition Gold EDGE Kit give-away!

    My entry into the competition: I felt artsy . My fingers are crossed! Download EDIT: Never get images right the first time ^.^
  11. J

    Limited edition Gold EDGE Kit give-away!

    You're right, but I'm not sure which is which.
  12. J

    Limited edition Gold EDGE Kit give-away!

    Try the GIMP. It's an open source image manipulation program, and is up to par with photoshop. It's very useful
  13. J

    Limited edition Gold EDGE Kit give-away!

    Um... Have you been using the skin creator tool given in the 1st post? Try that, it should simplify things for you...
  14. J

    What are you doing on Halloween?

    Well, I'm going to a high-school football game to play in the band (Colleyville Heritage, TX, anyone?). We leave at half time, and we're all going to bed so we can get up at 4 A.M. and head up to school to get on a bus to drive down to San Antonio for BOA State competition. Yeah. Great...
  15. J

    DS #2832: Lost in Blue 3 (Europe)

    I bought the 1st one. Biggest time-sucking waste of my life.
  16. J

    DS #2831: Six Flags Fun Park (USA)

    I live right next to Six Flags over Texas... And I'm pretty sure only Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 would ever scratch the surface of real life experience.
  17. J

    DS #XXXX: Pokemon Diamond And Pearl (Demo) (USA)

    It's the scene. They're OCD. Just live with it. Everything that CAN be released WILL be released. Until then, there's no rest .
  18. J

    New DS confirmed

    I mean, its not that bad, its a nice list, and he did a lot of work for those lazy people, but Vishi whatever just kind of posted a well known fact, not the specifics >.>
  19. J

    New DS confirmed

    Wow, thanks Captain Obvious, I had NO idea.
  20. J

    Hacking Best buy - Cyclo DS

    The original poster. Not you. You helped much more than me (:
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