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    Pokemon X and Y announced for 3ds

    I could have bought into this until "twenty new pokes." I'll eat my hat if this is true.
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    Super Slim PS3 set for October Launch

    Hmm I've been wanting a PS3 for MGS 4 and uncharted series. Might be worth a pop. With a cheap ext HDD of course.
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS revealed!

    It looks even better than I dared hope. :3
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    Android Android v4.1 Jellybean lands on Galaxy S III

    Damnit, had my hopes up for an official release.
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    No More 3DS Models in the Near Future

    "The 3DS XL isn't a revision" Then neither is the DS Lite vs the DS Phat... DS Lite did nothing new but we consider this a revision of hardware. 3DS XL vs 3DS has even more differences. Don't defend Nintendo, they don't care about you and they don't need to be defended. I'm never going to...
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    Video Game Logic

    ITT: The gameplay of any RPG ever.
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    Gaming If it was up to, you what DLC would you add to 3DS games?

    New characters for SSBros. when it comes, if new franchises come after or they run out of development time/storage space. Definitely new stages, music. Mario Kart 7 tracks, game modes maybe. Blue shell fix too. EDIT: But seriously, Paid DLC (though it can be good if it is well done and has...
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    3DS XL Announced

    Hopefully because they don't want to alienate their early adopters within the first 2 years. Maybe an actual revision will have a second analog... It really does need it because a major point of 3D adventure games is being able to look around and a lot of them are coming out. Kid icarus would...
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    3DS XL Announced

    That silver/black version looks tempting but I've been advised to wait for an actual revision :P Please Nintendo... two control sticks... MGS 3D is hard as shit without it.
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    3DS XL Announced

    If they had just not commented on the rumours, this would be completely fine.
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    3DS XL Announced

    They just said there will be no revision in the foreseeable future and now there is. Why aren't you seeing that it's pretty despicable. Are you a Nintendo Rep? Are they paying your wages? Maybe YOU are Miyamoto?!
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    3DS XL Announced

    Just a few weeks ago (IIRC) they were saying they had no plans for a revision at all. That makes them big fat fucking liars. So you can take that to the bank as a good reason why people are allowed to be mad.
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    Microsoft Surface

    I blame the lack of marketing more than the devices themselves. I don't know many people who are knowledgeable about tablets and the range that would choose an iPad over a Windows 7 tablet computer. At first I thought this advert was stupid, far too minimalist and painted the tablet in a bit...
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    Microsoft Surface

    Am I out of the loop? Is this revolutionary as people are making it out to be? I thought we already had tablet/laptop hybrids, which ran 7 not 8. So what makes this so much better? (Genuine question.) See: Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime.
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    Android Android Gaming

    Any RTS or empires like Anno, Civ coming to android any time soon? FWP: Have GS3, nothing to run on it. (and yeah I heard about Sid Meier's Civ coming, don't want to put all my eggs in one basket in case its shit though. ) Also would love another android...
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    Game revenues to grow to $70 billion by 2017 - DFC

    I'm surprised that mobile is the lowest percentage. What with Angry birds, and the like. Guess EA hasn't fully tapped into that market yet.
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    Microsoft Vs Sony Vs Nintendo - E3 2012

    Ubisoft. edit: what you gonna discriminate because they dont have a console of their own?!
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    E3 2012 Press Conferences

    Looks like the Wii U pro controller is made out of that shitty gloss plastic, same as the Wiimote. That was not a good design choice... It is going to be a fingerprint magnet (and look crappy as soon as it's used) and be more slippery than it has to be.
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    Nintendo Direct Gossip

    IMO they need to take a few pages from 360 and PS3's book. Multiplayer platform? New controller is the best addition of the conference.
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    LEGO Lord Of The Rings Confirmed

    Truth, I played Two Towers and it was my first game of it's type. Great game. Also, ROTK PS2 was not a bad game.
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