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  1. ut2k4master

    Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack pricing information revealed

    the other platforms ask for (at least) $60 and the vast majority of games dont use dedicated servers there either
  2. ut2k4master

    Gaming Need help with Metroid Dread? (Help/Spoilers)

    try shooting walls and floors that look like they could open a new way
  3. ut2k4master

    Hacking Will I get banned just for having Atmosphere on my Nintendo Switch?

    having atmosphere alone probably not, modding games probably yes
  4. ut2k4master

    Nintendo Direct announced for tomorrow, September 23rd

    they said multiple times that this is the last character pass. sakurai also mentioned that the reveal of the last character may take a bit longer, so we may not get it tomorrow
  5. ut2k4master

    Nintendo Direct announced for tomorrow, September 23rd

    the 25th was very celebrated, yes auto i doubt it. the most people can hope for is more zelda games in the added nso platforms
  6. ut2k4master

    Nintendo Direct announced for tomorrow, September 23rd

    we definitely will see what the fcc filing is for
  7. ut2k4master

    Rumor Supposed GeForce Now leak implies God of War, Demon's Souls, GTA 3 Remaster all coming to PC
  8. ut2k4master

    Covid-19 vaccine

    "no you!1!"
  9. ut2k4master

    Covid-19 vaccine

    you should. youre stuck in some kind of "reality" you made up yourself
  10. ut2k4master

    Covid-19 vaccine

    not "the end". they werent rushed out, they were tested like every other vaccine, in bigger numbers even. big funding certainly helped speed up the process. those types of viruses arent unknown, scientists know where to start looking for vaccines. its not some kind of complete guess work like...
  11. ut2k4master

    Covid-19 vaccine

    you saying it doesnt make it fact. the vaccines have been tested and fully approved, nothing "experimental" about it. so you value one undeveloped life more than hundreds of people around you?
  12. ut2k4master

    Covid-19 vaccine

    its not experimental, stop willfully ignoring facts. abortions dont risk the lives of the people around you
  13. ut2k4master

    Matrix: Resurrections

    the trailer feels so weird and low budget. i dont get matrix feelings at all
  14. ut2k4master

    Gaming Next Zelda Remake

    link is left handed. the wii version is flipped
  15. ut2k4master

    PlayStation Showcase announced for September 9th, will focus on "what's next" for the PS5

    "One thing to note: PlayStation’s next generation of VR won’t make an appearance this time."
  16. ut2k4master

    New 'Metroid Dread' trailer released

    dont watch if you dont want to see spoilers. theyre showing some pretty big surprises
  17. ut2k4master

    Covid-19 vaccine

    i got lucky i guess. i got biontech twice and didnt really have any side effects apart from a very minor pain in the arm for a few hours
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