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  1. Sonicslasher

    Hardware Nintendo Switch Reveal

    I think I can really pin-point where Nintendo went off the rails with their quest to take massive new market shares: Right around the time they did this they were all about cashing in on the fact that they had entire families playing a gaming console. Everyone from Grampa to his Grandson...
  2. Sonicslasher

    Hardware Nintendo Switch Reveal

    So yeah I get what you're saying. In fact all new art is inherently old improved and the same goes for gaming. It just seems like Nintendo doesn't really have an appetite for taking creative risks with their games, which for the most part is fine considering other consoles also have their go-to...
  3. Sonicslasher

    Hardware Nintendo Switch Reveal

    The strong third party support is pretty much the only reason I'd buy this. I got tired of playing the same rehashed top 5 sellers a while back. If they can offer more than Mario Kart 12 and Mario Party 15 then I might buy the first Nintendo system I've had in years.
  4. Sonicslasher

    Hi Temp, it's been a minute

    First off I just wanted to say it's been years since I've made a post on this website. People have come and gone, the community has grown, I'm not sure if I even know more than 10 people on the site anymore and yet it's still on my favorites tab. At least once a week I open the homepage up out...
  5. Sonicslasher

    Misc GBAtemp Wifi Nights and Tournaments

    Have you noticed the date on this thread? It's more than a couple of years old :P
  6. Sonicslasher

    Old SKOOL Tempers.. Raise Your Hands!

    I miss bonemonkey and all his boney shenanigans :grog:Oh the glory days of temp. Filled with plenty of Costello, mthrnite and Shaun. Shoutout to mah boyz chuckstudious and Law! Also last month was my 9 year anniversary. :o
  7. Sonicslasher

    Like the one time in months I feel like getting on IRC the damn thing is down :\

    Like the one time in months I feel like getting on IRC the damn thing is down :\
  8. Sonicslasher

    Like the one time in months I feel like getting on IRC the damn thing is down :\

    Like the one time in months I feel like getting on IRC the damn thing is down :\
  9. Sonicslasher

    GBAtemp's 10th Birthday Mario Kart 7 Tournament!

    Timezone: EST 3DS name: Sonicslash
  10. Sonicslasher

    Sup guys

    *waves* Who here still remembers me?
  11. Sonicslasher

    Happy Birthday mthrnite!

    So oooooooooooold :toot:
  12. Sonicslasher


    Sup guys.
  13. Sonicslasher

    GBAtemp smartphone case

    Ya know that's an interesting idea having a 3DS case. I'll bring it up with him and see if that's something he can plausibly do.
  14. Sonicslasher

    GBAtemp smartphone case

    My brother runs a little cellphone case business and he was thinking about making a GBAtemp line of cases. First off we'd need to figure out how many would be interesting in purchasing one. Not just, but what the most popular phone here is. If y'all are up for it, just post the name of your...
  15. Sonicslasher


    The biggest thing that sucked about basic training was the disconnection from the outside world. Not knowing the current affairs, what's going on with the family and friends, what new gadgets are out, etc. There's something comforting about being kept in the know about things like that. Which is...
  16. Sonicslasher

    Tempmas 2011 - Week 1!

    What I want for christmas is to go home and give a big hug to my best friend ^_^
  17. Sonicslasher

    I'm back!

    Nujui: Are you someone I know who has changed your nick? :x
  18. Sonicslasher

    I'm back!

    I've finished up Basic Training and have kicked its balls clean off by earning honor graduate. The initial part was pretty stressful, but after awhile repetition kicks in and things just become routine. Yet I still manage to over think things and worry myself too much... *sigh*. Some weaknesses...
  19. Sonicslasher

    Josh / SonicSlasher support thread!

    I'll throw in a word of support for this josh fellow as well :3
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