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  1. shadowmanwkp

    Homebrew Emulation GameYob, a gameboy emulator for DS

    I think that is a bad suggestion. Only the ds phat and the ds lite can use a ram expansion. I think that if people really want that function, a branch can be made with RAM expansion support, thus you don't need additional code to accommodate the RAM expansion in the main release. The project is...
  2. shadowmanwkp

    Respond with GIFs!

  3. shadowmanwkp

    RAGens 0.032, Supports Achievements

    Am I the only one who thinks this is one of the most utterly pointless feature for an emulator you can possibly imagine? Those games aren't made with achievements in mind, so why the heck would you go around and make achievements for them anyways?
  4. shadowmanwkp

    post here funny pictures

    Having skied for over seven years, I can tell you that those skis weren't adjusted properly on the poor kid's weight and skill. In fact I think for one that he/she could've made the jump if it weren't for his/her skis /joke ruiner
  5. shadowmanwkp

    NRA releases an iOS shooter!?

    The NRA, an organization that wants to keep guns legal in the US, has made a very controversial decision; the NRA has made a shooter for iOS devices despite that they are against violent shooters and even want to ban them. Before people jump the gun: yes it is a shooter, but it contains...
  6. shadowmanwkp

    post here funny pictures

    Underwater photo shoot where models swim with sharks:
  7. shadowmanwkp

    EUR Nintendo Direct 5th December 5 p.m. GMT

    Right on st. nicholas day. Man he's going to disappoint a lot of children with running behind the wii u. (little note: Santa Clause is partially based off of the Dutch st. Nicholas/sinterklaas holliday).
  8. shadowmanwkp

    GOG pick 5 and pay $10 promo

    Probably in response to black friday and the steam sale that will start today, Good Old Games (GOG) has launched their own promotion! You can pick five indie games from a selection of 20 games and you only pay $10,- for them, DRM-free. News on GOG The promo page
  9. shadowmanwkp

    Steam removes old submission process, all new pubs/devs must go through Steam Greenlight.

    Then again, if you're a big developer, or if you have games that sold really well, you wouldn't submit your games to greenlight, but simply contact valve directly. I don't really know what the fuss is about.
  10. shadowmanwkp

    Homebrew Any help with my current CPU?

    Try changing some settings to see if you get a speedup; - go to config-->Frame skip-->auto skip and raise the number to about 3 or 4. The game will run choppier at demanding parts but you get a significant speedup - go to config-->Sound settings and lower the number at buffer size, this should...
  11. shadowmanwkp

    New Solatorobo in development

    Sadly the sales of the first solatorobo were lackluster, despite critical acclaim. I didn't expect a sequel to be honest. One thing I do hope they will do is that they will balance out the gameplay better, you become overpowered really quick in solatorobo. Don't get me wrong though, the...
  12. shadowmanwkp

    Battlefield 1942 Now Free on Origin

    I still have my original CD lying around. There weren't a lot of players left when I last played a year or so ago. Let's see if more people are going to play it now, because it is still an awesome game.
  13. shadowmanwkp

    post here funny pictures

    Large image warning: From romantically apocalyptic
  14. shadowmanwkp

    Riot fines League of Legends cheaters $30,000

    It's actually not so ridiculous. With games like diablo III using real currency in the game to buy and sell things, you can easily be sued for being a fraud and upsetting an economy. In the worst case you can spend some time in jail..
  15. shadowmanwkp

    Very slow start times for all programs

    Probably too many things to load upon startup. I'd say clean up your startup folder in your start menu first. Any program in that folder will execute itself when you start up your pc. After that, open the start menu and type in "msconfig" (without the quotes) followed by and enter. Win7 will...
  16. shadowmanwkp

    Readability of wikipedia is too low

    That's not what I meant and said. If you read the second part you'd get to my argument and that is that wikipedia doesn't really teach/introduce you a subject proper most of the times. If it fails at doing just that and it actually goes deeper than explaining the very bottom line of what...
  17. shadowmanwkp

    Readability of wikipedia is too low

    Sorry mistranslation from the Dutch source, I fixed my error. The 70%+ is moderately hard or worse to read and 45% is hard to very hard to read, I hope that clears it up for most people. Also, the English articles contain A LOT more info on most subjects, simply because more people use it. It's...
  18. shadowmanwkp

    Easy mode ruins your game

    I think the designer is talking about making the game easier by making you neigh-invincible. A lot of games these days tend to simply make enemies weaker and you stronger, while older games usually gave you easier challenges. I think there is a fundamental difference between the two, because...
  19. shadowmanwkp

    Readability of wikipedia is too low

    A recently published paper and newly launched site "readability of wikipedia", states that wikipedia is too hard to read for people with not much knowledge of English. Along with the site, the findings were also published in "First Monday." According to the research, 73,5 per cent of the...
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