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  1. krazykirk

    Hardware Pc wants to format SD CARD?

    If you have a FORMAT CARD message come up on your PC, try a different USB port if possible, if that doesn't work, see if it still works in your ds. If it works fine, it's most likely a dodgy reader.
  2. krazykirk

    Hardware What's wrong with the building quality?

    Keep in mind though, Nintendo have sold thousands of 3DS units. People are only going to post to complain about issues. You're not going to see people posting about how good the build quality is and how they aren't having any issues. This creates a huge negative bias. The majority of people...
  3. krazykirk

    Hacking Impossible to Flash NDSLite

    Are you sure you're doing it correctly? You should be using a rolled up piece of foil or something metallic, as you need to bridge the SL-1 contact point to short it. I've heard that using a q-tip or toothpick wrapped in foil works well.
  4. krazykirk

    Hacking Recovery mode nonworking on my original DS?

    I remember quite a while ago, when I bricked my DS Lite by trying to install flashme, I managed to do it by borrowing my sister's R4, and using a program to encrypt (or something like that) and make it boot Flashme instead of the R4 menu, and I managed to reflash doing that. I use a CycloDS...
  5. krazykirk

    Hacking Bricked my ds while trying to install noflash

    You can get rid of the safety screen in the beginning, and also it protects the firmware, so if you do somehow manage to download a bricker rom, you can still recover your DS, as the flashme firmware is securely written to the protected area.
  6. krazykirk

    Hacking flashme glitch

    That's what I think as well, when I was installing FlashMe, I had to short SL-1 to get up from 0, and as soon as i stopped shorting, the progress would stop.
  7. krazykirk

    Hardware seagate freeagent go with firewire and usbloaders

    For compatablity with the Wii, the drive needs to be formatted with the WBFS file system. The easiest way to do this is to use WBFS Manager, currently available only for Windows. ( To do this, you must delete all the partitions on the drive, and format it in the...
  8. krazykirk


    I've got exactly the same one too, and I've never had any problems with it at all. To get the microsd card out, you just use your fingernail, it doesn't need that much force at all.
  9. krazykirk

    Hacking My Monster DSL mod

    Best way to take close up photos is to turn the "macro" setting, which is the option with the flower on it. Also, you'll take much better photos if you DON'T USE FLASH!! Go to a actually well lit room, or outside in the sun. Otherwise, great mod! It looks awesome
  10. krazykirk

    Hacking New Datel Action Replay/Media Device!

    I'm 99% sure that it will not be able to load commercial roms. That's why it's legal Homebrew, yes though.
  11. krazykirk

    Hacking Is my DS DOOMED or SAVABLE?

    I think it would be a good experience trying to fix it... buying a new screen and casing will not cost you that much at all, $40 at the most from DealExtreme. Just solder all the snapped wires together and it might come back to life
  12. krazykirk

    Homebrew How do I play music/videos on my DS?

    Bahah I love Apple and their crazy Apple Products.. Anyway if there's a exe file, try running as it will probably create the proper moonshell file for your flashcart. Otherwise, just dump the whole moonshell folder into the root of your MicroSD.
  13. krazykirk

    Hacking DS_MENU.DAT, _DS_MSHL.NDS (desperate)

    You download those files from the website. - is the download page. Choose the v1.18. Kernel. Extract the contents onto your microsd card. It doesn't matter that the CD didn't come with the R4, it would of most likely been out of date anyway. If it still...
  14. krazykirk

    Hacking dealextreme

    About a week to Australia. Not bad, considering the postage is free. If you can't stand "waiting way to long" for your package to arrive, pay the extra $20 for EMS express shipping.
  15. krazykirk

    Hacking best flashcart for DS?

    You're going to get flamed. But anyway, a cyclo will be fine. It's really good. But if you're not going to use the other features, an Acekard2 will do the job perfectly well with a 8gb MicroSDHC card.
  16. krazykirk


    It could also be a bad ROM. Try to obtain another version from another site.
  17. krazykirk

    Hacking Okay, hands down, what card to buy?

    R4's suck. Don't get one They're outdated, and no longer continuously updated. The cyclo is the top of the line cart, it has features unrivaled by any other cart. The Supercard One is also good, with plenty of features. If you're looking for a budget card which will still do the job well...
  18. krazykirk

    Hacking [Yes I'm Nub] - EZ Flash Tools?

    The patch does work with the newer chipset, I use it myself. But then again, I use a cyclo which automatically detects it with the new firmware. Anyway, give it a try, you have nothing to lose.
  19. krazykirk

    Hacking Microsd slides around

    I was going to suggest some sort of tape but if you're frequently taking it out then that might not be a good idea, but the thing is, if you want it to stay and keep the ability to take the card out, tape might be the best option. Maybe a small piece of duct tape, big enough to secure it but...
  20. krazykirk

    Hacking Micro - Format it?

    Formatting is reasonably simple, and it will not damage your microSD. In Windows, open My Computer, and then right click on your microsd card drive. (Eg E:) In the context menu, click format. In the options, make sure that Fat32 is selected, and that all of the checkboxes are empty. Then...
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