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  1. Snorlax

    Tempmas 2012 Week 4: Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

    The appointment which confirmed it wasn't cancer.
  2. Snorlax

    Tempmas 2011 - Week 1!

    Keen to win something.
  3. Snorlax

    Facebook adds Google+ "circles" function to their arsenal

    I like how the mediums used by the majority of the world all have negative connotations attached, yet Google+ "[is] a gem." Functionality persuades a population, the population persuades the individual; services aren't going to be used or appreciated by singular people until the majority of...
  4. Snorlax

    Your first kiss

    It was a Mr. Potato Head's game. Everytime it landed on the lips we kissed. We were seven years old. N'AAAAAAAAAAAAAW. No wonder I'm no longer sexually attracted to people.
  5. Snorlax

    I made a short story and won a school contest.

    You've got some bad word-choice throughout, and I'd recommend you try to build the tension more. It requires some serious skill in-order to engage a reader in such a small amount of words. Lengthen it so you have more chance of absorbing the audience.
  6. Snorlax

    Gaming Terraria

    Awesome- I might check it out! Now all we need is an isometric-style Minecraft, and we'll be set!
  7. Snorlax

    C64 web server.

    Damn, that's cool. Thanks for the link Rydian!
  8. Snorlax


    Everyone needs to know of the awesomeness that is Heracross!
  9. Snorlax

    Happy Birthday Antoligy!

    Happy birthday Anto! Enjoy being another year older!
  10. Snorlax


    That's, so cool. o: Real or not- I'm impressed! :3
  11. Snorlax

    Happy Birthday moozxy!

    Happy birthday! Hope you had an awesome day, and enjoy being another year older! :3
  12. Snorlax

    Gaming Mario kart ds custom music

    @AlanJohn: Living under a rock maybe? @hundredhead: As for your custom music request, I'm not entirely sure how Mario Kart handles its music resource files, but I'm sure it's entirely possible to hack it. Maybe try posting a request in the ROM Hacking forum instead? Or maybe you could ask a...
  13. Snorlax

    What do you think of my new sig?

    Oh, thank goodness you said it Anto - a part of me inside died when I read Alan's statement. As for the sig, well, it's lacking quality. Try making everything look less, edgy? To me, it looks like a signature made in MS-Paint, if MS-Paint supported simple layering. Also, all the colours are...
  14. Snorlax

    Osama Bin Laden is dead

    ... Seriously? On Topic: While the death of Osama is 'fweaking awesome, hail to the U.S.A' at the current time, I'm not looking forward to the blowback from his followers. While the stories of buried nuclear weapons should be taken with a grain of salt, I really don't doubt that this sort of...
  15. Snorlax

    Osama Bin Laden is dead

    Gasp, someone get this man to a newsroom! This must be known!
  16. Snorlax

    Fetch Quest

    Woah, that wall-kicking is hard! Other than that, great work, love it, and I love the art-style.
  17. Snorlax

    Do you make Music??

    very angry bitch - ezbreezy I enjoy making trance and ambience, mmm.
  18. Snorlax

    [Video] Geohot gets sued by Barney [Youtube Poop]

    ,_, Erghhhhh. Sorry, but no.
  19. Snorlax

    Made my own Monkey Island Remix

    Great work, Ducky, as per usual. I've wanted to do a Monkey Island remix for a while, and now you've given me inspiration to do so! :3
  20. Snorlax

    Kotaku unknowingly advertising flash carts?

    I love it. Hyprocrisy at its finest!
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