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  1. soaresden

    Homebrew Are there any 3DS emulator for the switch?

    edit : delete this double post please
  2. soaresden

    Homebrew Are there any 3DS emulator for the switch?

    not so long ago there were a core of citra for retroarch that was really beta but worked very well. just find it somewhere on gbatemp ^^
  3. soaresden

    Hacking Migrated from SXOS to Atmosphere - games don't work!

    seems that patches are missing. Download them
  4. soaresden

    Hacking Is it possible to use sxos and Atmosphere togather?

    why didn't you just convert your xci as nsp ?
  5. soaresden

    Hacking Rumor SX OS is not over

    True, I also tried a game named "they bleed pixels" or something like that. I didn't liked it but even patchd, it not ran. Long time SX user, and like @shunesburg69, xci loading it's so useful ! But because of Axiom Verge 2, I just passed the barrier... OK this is painful to install, but let be...
  6. soaresden

    ROM Hack [Request] Skyward Sword HD Save editor/Converter

    Here my Checkpoint Savefile : - Slot 1 - Norma Mode - 1st Run , save just before final boss (almost 100%, some god's cube missing) - Slot 2 - Hero Mode - If you are going to Volcano, you will play the Stealthing part of the game (which I liked very much) - Slot 3 - Hero Mode 100 % I Guess
  7. soaresden

    ROM Hack [Request] Skyward Sword HD Save editor/Converter

    Please? This is insane, people that don't be polite and don't appreciate efforts we made for them...
  8. soaresden

    ROM Hack [Request] Skyward Sword HD Save editor/Converter

    I Just completed it 100% + Hero mode 100 % in 60 hours There is no point to not enjoy this aventure again. Just play it regularly Also, the savefile "wiiking2" seems to be same file name of the wii version but size differs. I tried to edit in hex, I can still see some values like PlayerName but...
  9. soaresden

    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    Just find out myself infinite dashes for bird becaues only 3 is a pain : title id : 01002da013484000 build id : d824d4b1bbd445d03 [Infinite Bird-Dashes] 01000000 0618665a 000000FF
  10. soaresden

    Hacking SX OS - HDD Copy to Sd ?

    Just because I don't want to install it but loading it ? It's sufficient reason ^^ Loading time : 3 seconds Installing told : [2;25 minutes for a 32go game] What if it's a shitty game and you waste your time ? No thanks, I prefer mounting
  11. soaresden

    Hacking SX OS - HDD Copy to Sd ?

    Updating my old post : It's no more a problem with the latest tinfoil. I can copy a XCI browsng the files, and tinfoil automatically convert it to the switch fat32 sd. The process is looooooooooong but works. NS-USBLoader as an option to split xci into folder format, but I don't tried it
  12. soaresden

    Hacking Question Change Home Menu

    It's possibe, there is which has tons of premade layouts I made mine own with time making it ! Good Luck !
  13. soaresden

    PS1/2 Getting PSX Product Codes (SLUS-01290, etc...)

    How you do this ? I'm trying to make a soft just to get this ID ! (to be able to rename my iso's) with this id in the filename EDIT : got it working via RegEx : Dim PSXIDpattern As Regex = New Regex("53 [a-zA-Z0-9]+ [a-zA-Z0-9]+ 53 5F [0-9][0-9] [0-9][0-9] [0-9][0-9] 2E [0-9][0-9]...
  14. soaresden

    Hacking 400gb Sandisk SX OS 10.0.1 Black screen on Boot Up

    Nice to hear it ;) Enjoy !
  15. soaresden

    Hacking 400gb Sandisk SX OS 10.0.1 Black screen on Boot Up

    cleaning with diskpart remove any trace of mbr/gpt, partitions etc. As if your disk were brand new. Try it please
  16. soaresden

    Hacking 400gb Sandisk SX OS 10.0.1 Black screen on Boot Up

    i'm not an expert but before anything Use diskpart on cmd on windows to select your disk and "clean" Then create a full fat32 disk only then you can start to copy things. Just make sure there is ONLY one partition (Minitool Partition wizard or similar can help you with that) Then you can try...
  17. soaresden

    Hacking Switchroot Android 10 released

    Suggestions : You can also use USB Disk drive to play movies, plays roms or stock some apk's - Kodi / Vavoo for TV et multimedia - Android Exclusives Games - Emulation Gamecube + Wii (I tried Prince of persia GC and Twilight Princess on Wii, it's actually 2/3 playable) - Duckstation for PSX...
  18. soaresden

    Hacking Switchroot Android 10 released

    Just installed it without any issues ! 20/256 Go allocated to android :) All Ok, now the magic with kodi and some emulator like Dolphin and DuckStation :D ! Anyway, I would love to see someone release an apk to boot to payloads (SX os survivant here)
  19. soaresden

    Homebrew RELEASE re3-nx: Reverse engineered GTA 3 for Nintendo Switch

    It would be great to add the issues in the github: @Graber Go to the Settings page of your re3 fork. Check the box next to Issues. Here the issues I found: No Skin selection available anymore Because of the PS2 looking menu now, we can't select a skin for the player, is it possible to bring...
  20. soaresden

    ROM Hack RELEASE New Switch Save site with modified Saves and 100% Completed Saves

    Just finished the story in RingFit Adventure, and it appears that there is some world to discover. Ringfit Adventures. I cheated to obtain lot of heart, lot of money and lot of objects. Because I think this game would be only for training. Not to manage some heart, make some potions and whatever ..
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