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    Xbox Dash 16203 released.

    None of the info is correct. There is no xgd 4.5 lol.Most of this info was obtained from wikipedia and c4 has not commented on any such security checks added.
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    75% of Gamers "Not Interested" In Wii U

    Silly articles Nintendo won't be doomed kids will always love thier games and those that grew up with nes,snes etc(like myself) will always enjoy them as well.
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    Windows 8 editions announced

    I've been reading around in different places and you wouldn't believe how many people complain about their being different versions lol
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    Apple Beats Nintendo, Sony and others as Japan's top Consumer Bran

    I am not supirsed seeing apple(a cellphone/computer comp) beat out someone like Nintendo(a gaming only company).The suprise comes for me when I see they beat sony O.O
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    No Xbox 720 at E3, Microsoft confirms

    I think we all knew that no xbox 3 would be shown this year lol.I'm still expecting a 2013 showing with launch in Nov 2013
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    Rumor: No Disc Drive For Next Xbox

    Elaborating more on what i had said I'll use an example.I currently have Xfinity which from my understanding have a system where if you reach 250GB in a month twice (meaning 250GB say january and then again in Feb)you are basically blacklisted and have no internet for the rest of the year.Now...
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    Rumor: No Disc Drive For Next Xbox

    Won't happen only way is if it all around the world internet was offerred with much more bandwith.
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    iPad 3 event - March 7 2012

    Yes they were around the same principals and I understand what your getting at and it would suck if sony/nintendo did release new handheld every year but people would not stop buying them I actually got my tablet for quite cheap 300 it came with a keyboard dock as well.
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    iPad 3 event - March 7 2012

    I loled at the comment about comparing a ds to an apple product two completely different products haha.Ds is a handheld gaimng device Ipad would be more along the lines of a portable media/computer type product I guess?Wouldn't ever compare it to a gaming device that's for sure and the only...
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    Rumor:Wii U to be priced at $299

    It's next gen because it's the next console after the wii specs should have nothing to do with it >.>
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    Rumor:Wii U to be priced at $299

    if it is 300 I might buy it depending on the launch lineup.
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    Vita sells 1.2 million units Worldwide

    exactly lol both handhelds are good and do what they're meant to games! So quit the this is better then that talk >.>
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    Nintendo Teases 3DS Owners With Thoughts Of New Zelda

    The day they make majora for 3ds is the day I will go out and buy it :)
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    Sakurai starting to think about next Smash Bros. games

    add boo I want to cheep shot my way to winning :)
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    New Legendary Pokemon Keldeo Revealed

    Mew was and is the best legendery pokemon everrrr
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    Nintendo Flirted With 3D, HD Displays for Wii U Controller

    I'm calling it after ms and sony see this sell their just going to copy it like last gen >.>
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    [Rumor] Next Xbox To Use Wiiu Like Touchscreen Controller

    I get I agree with somewhat especially with the motion gaming lol.I had a wii first and I would play it it was fun then i traded it for a 360 it was good.I purchased kinect about 3 months ago I only used it twice once to try playing a kinect game(did not make me interested at all) and another...
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    *Rumour* Next Xbox Plays Blu-Rays and blocks used games

    This is terrible no one now indays keeps their games(some do) .This whole used game system thingy if implemented is only their for them to make more money so stupid.
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    Judge: Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops

    Put a magnet over/on your hd's problem solved.
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    Xbox 360 ban wave, account sharing only

    That is basically what non jtag was except instead of the user purchasing content with the cc it would be using points.
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