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  1. FrankensteinTank

    Homebrew BAGPlug (SCDS2 Entry)

    This is a BAGplug theme I made loosely based on Mario Kart 7. I wanted to make the picture on top look like it was breaking back into the screen, giving it a 3D effect. I started it a while ago but just finished it today. Feel free to check it out and give suggestions...
  2. FrankensteinTank

    God of War 4 Being Revealed Next Month?

    Here's your answer. EDIT: Is this not how you get a youtube video to show up?
  3. FrankensteinTank

    FileServe is officially dead now as well

    There is a lifehacker article out about this. Here's a link
  4. FrankensteinTank

    ROM Hack Pokémon Black & White Deluxe

    Finally found a patchable rom. Now to play this thing. :yaynds:
  5. FrankensteinTank

    ROM Hack Pokémon Blaze Black & Pokémon Volt White

    Go to this website and download the program. You can then use it to patch the game. With this one program, you can apply IPS, UPS, PPF, XDelta or BSDiff patches to files.
  6. FrankensteinTank

    Gaming System update available in USA

    DS2 still works after update.
  7. FrankensteinTank

    PS Vita Games May Be 40% off retail if purchased on PSN

    I agree, 40% sounds like way too much. I would guess it would be 25% at most.
  8. FrankensteinTank

    Tempmas 2011 - Week 1!

    Awesome, would love to win. Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays!
  9. FrankensteinTank

    ROM Hack Pokémon Black & White Deluxe

    Is there anyway to patch this on a Mac? I've tried using MultiPatch and _Retro_'s DS Rom Patcher for OSx but they just gave me an invalid checksum.
  10. FrankensteinTank

    Battlefield 3 getting high res texture pack

    That looks pretty badass. Although, I hope the game plays and looks a lot better then the beta did. I really want someone to give Call of Duty a run for there money. That way we benefit with better games overall.
  11. FrankensteinTank

    Homebrew BAGPlug (SCDS2 Entry)

    Appreciate the hard work BAG. I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. I wish you luck with your studies, I know exactly how preoccupying college classes can be.
  12. FrankensteinTank

    Hardware 3DS With Dual Slide Pads

    Yeah I pretty much had a similar idea but with the buttons and d-pad in the opposite positions. They probably would have had to make the 3DS larger though in order to fit everything. However that means they could have put a larger battery in it as well.
  13. FrankensteinTank

    3DS extra slide-pad + Monster Hunter 3G confirmed!

    Yeah I'm sorta in the same boat. I will probably end up getting it too. I just wish they would have delayed the original in order to add things they clearly wanted in it but left out to meet their deadline.
  14. FrankensteinTank

    3DS extra slide-pad + Monster Hunter 3G confirmed!

    This add-on looks horrible. Plus I bought a Nyko Power Pak+ so I couldn't use both even if I wanted to. Like others have said it just means that a revision will come out but not for a couple of years because Nintendo would suffer even heavier losses if they made a new one now. It's just history...
  15. FrankensteinTank

    Gaming 3DS ambassador games out in NA (For some people)

    Yeah it is kinda difficult but nothing u cannot get used to or use the d-pad instead.
  16. FrankensteinTank

    Gaming 3DS ambassador games out in NA (For some people)

    I got them too. Didn't think I did but you have to check just like the OP said. Go into settings on the eShop and look at Your Downloads.
  17. FrankensteinTank

    Hacking DSTWO to 3DS Home Screen issue

    I've never had that problem either. You may just need to re-format the card and start fresh.
  18. FrankensteinTank

    Hacking Patch your English Pokemon Black/White Version for DSi Mode!

    It means the C-Gear should actually work but only for certain things like the Xtransceiver and the Entralink. The infrared still won't work because that was built into the cart
  19. FrankensteinTank

    What are your favorite

    My favorites are the Yo-Yo and Wheel. OFF-TOPIC: I'm kinda surprised KirbyBoy hasn't posted yet.
  20. FrankensteinTank

    Hacking How To Softmod (Hack) Your PSP

    You shouldn't have to. Just don't delete any of the licenses that come with the PSN titles.
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