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  1. BlackDave

    Use Wifi Signals to recognise body movements

    Lots of people are going to feel like a Jedi or a Mage. **Swipe hand to turn on light**
  2. BlackDave

    Breast Cancer Research Group Rejects Donation... From Porn Site

    Prevent prostate cancer by fapping to help research breast cancer. Two birds one stone? (
  3. BlackDave

    Media Create numbers shows 50+% drops for almost all hardware

    You know, i'm starting to think the reason why ps2 is still alive, is because Sony didn't make the ps3 backwards compatible. Well played, Sony XD
  4. BlackDave

    Wifi-enabled laptops may be nuking sperm

    Heh... I never use my laptop on my lap because it's just not a comfortable position for me
  5. BlackDave

    The Future Of Mobile Gaming

    I have this feeling that android tablets and phones are going to be like computers.... there are cheap low-end ones and high-end ones and they get outdated in 3 months XD
  6. BlackDave

    Sony Music Japan Hacked

    Funny how Sony was the undefeated console that nobody could hack.... but once ps3 got hacked.... everything thing else started to crumble... The ps3 was like a main support or pillar...
  7. BlackDave

    Control Your PS3 and PC with A Droid

    It doesn't work on samsung and htc phones with htc sense (like my evo 4g) I had cyanogen mod running for a while and the blueput droid is actually pretty neat to use for netflix and typing....
  8. BlackDave

    AMD launches Magny-Cours competition

  9. BlackDave

    Sony Anounces Details On "Customer Appreciation Program"

    I want Dead Nation and Wipeout HD (I already have INfamous, LBP) and ModNation and Killzone on PSP
  10. BlackDave

    Hardware Does the 3DS smudge itself?

    ANYWAYS....... I noticed the same thing on my 3DS too; but I thought it was because I had screen protectors on
  11. BlackDave

    Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS

    What the F**k???!! Now I wonder if the keyboard could have any other uses besides for that one game
  12. BlackDave

    Gaming Repairing a Fried DSi motherboard

    Soooo I haven't been on this forum since I got my Android phone and also my friend fried my DSi motherboard so I kinda lost interest. I just purchased a 3DS but now I'm looking at my DSi and I see how much work I put into it (it's a black and white DSi) It just won't turn on. Now, on a DS lite...
  13. BlackDave

    3DS gamers on twitter complaining about headaches?

    My eyes got watery.... other than that i was fine
  14. BlackDave

    Rovio: Console games are "dying"

    I haven't had my phone in over 5 days.... I'm going cold turkey....
  15. BlackDave

    Official Minecraft Coming to iPhone, iPad, Android

    I don't think your laptop fits your pocket as easy (or at all) as a phone/ipod
  16. BlackDave

    CM4 3DS Case

    Nice case..... just wished i had my tax refund money so I can plan how I'm going to buy this piece of jewelery....
  17. BlackDave

    Google announces the Nexus S.

    The screen off is a feature of gingerbread, not the phone specifically so that means other high end phones getting the gingerbread update (Evo, Epic, Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2, and others) might have that same awesome screen off animation.
  18. BlackDave

    Day of Defeat Midweek Madness Steam sale

    SOLD!!! I can't turn down this!
  19. BlackDave

    Want a 58" iPhone?

  20. BlackDave

    Fantasy Life on a 3DS

    I want a 3DS NOW!!! XD
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