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  1. Twiffles

    Payed anime streaming site/app

    They remastered both Seed and Seed DESTINY, which were 48 and 50 episodes respectively. I only posted a link to DESTINY HD because I wasn't paying attention, but both are officially uploaded onto Youtube, albeit on different accounts. Seed HD...
  2. Twiffles

    Payed anime streaming site/app

    Build Fighters (also uploaded there) is going to end this coming Monday, and that is a great show to watch too; especially if you've watched a great deal of other Gundam series.
  3. Twiffles

    Payed anime streaming site/app

    This is officially uploaded.
  4. Twiffles

    Grats on mod. A well deserved, and earned, position.

    Grats on mod. A well deserved, and earned, position.
  5. Twiffles

    Hardware Adding to my GBA flash collection

    I actually saw a EZ Flash III just pop up on eBay within the last month that was part of a GBA Micro + Wario Ware games bundle for $120. Was really, really annoyed that it disappeared so fast due to buy it now.
  6. Twiffles

    Hardware Buying a GBA Flash Cart in 2013

    Ohh, that's nice. Using (I'm guessing) a old Kingston MiniSD adapter I found. Manages to work well enough.
  7. Twiffles

    Hardware Buying a GBA Flash Cart in 2013

    Bought one from the link posted on the first page. Hope I have as much luck as you both did buying/shipping wise. Though it seems they really are trustworthy. Good thing I've had a MiniSD adapter sitting in a case for all these years.
  8. Twiffles

    Tutorial Ni No Kuni (US) Save Modification

    This is actually pretty interesting stuff. Great job! I'll PM you my save for your investigation since I actually have a save that crossed regions.
  9. Twiffles

    What's your favorite GBA game?

    Megaman Battle Network 2. Yup.
  10. Twiffles

    Do you feel uncomfortable with a foreign speaking your language?

    I enjoy when people broaden their horizons by learning other languages, really. Though, I learned four languages just so I can harass people that think they can hide behind their native languages to bad talk someone while in front of them.
  11. Twiffles

    Hacking PS3 Save Mod request?

    Those save resigners out there seem to be hit or miss for people. If they don't work for you, and you just need a resigned save, I can probably do that.
  12. Twiffles

    Review K101 Revo, Official GBAtemp Review

    Does it normally blow up to full screen like the way you have it in the picture, or is there some sort of scaling option? Just wondering if it's a viable alternative to using the GCN's Gameboy Player in terms of GBA video capture.
  13. Twiffles

    What are Operating systems pro and cons???

    Your OS choice shouldn't really be chosen by an arbitrary list of someone's pros and cons. It should be more based on what you do, and what you want to do within the OS.
  14. Twiffles

    user recognition

    You post greatly improved my life. Thank you.
  15. Twiffles

    "ITG players? I /hate/ ITG players..."

    Where I used to live there was an abundance of arcades and each one had either DDR or ITG. The better ones had both. The best not only had both but all the other Konami rhythm games, among other ones from other companies (like Taiko Drum Master). Suffice it to say I played a bunch of DDR...
  16. Twiffles

    <Your christmas gaming choice?>

    A JRPG, a TPS, and hopefully an RTA World Record.
  17. Twiffles

    Just Cause + The Last Remnant (Steam) giveaway

    Liked, favorited, subscribed, posted it to Tumblr, liked it on Facebook, tweeted it out, and shared it with my dog. ++REP
  18. Twiffles

    Club Nintendo

    That's the great thing about socks. They stretch!
  19. Twiffles

    Club Nintendo

    Get the sock; it's the best.
  20. Twiffles

    XenForo bug report thread

    Quote box is overextended regardless of the horizontal length of the browser, across multiple browsers, and across both themes. It's been evident throughout all the other news posts with quotes, but none of them have been right next to the featured picture so it is hard to notice.
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