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    Hacking [Release] PS-Phive! (ForPS4 6.72) Exploit Host Menu

    does this exploit menu have all the various options to split the ram befor booting linux?
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    Hacking Windows 10 on Ps4

    it would be nice if somebody would update the kernel so that you can have the kernel patches for virtual machines. maby then you could install oracles virtual machine and boot windows in seamless (seamless is like having the windows task bar at the bottom with the start menu sitting ontop of...
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    Hacking ps4 linux .conkyrc examples

    hello i just joined the forum recently, i imagine there are a number of users on the forum that have installed linux on there ps4. i was wondering if anyone has a nice .conkyrc file they may have written or found online that works well with the ps4. if you have a nice one i'd love the see it...
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    Hacking homebrew ps3

    yes you can play ps3 games on your ps4. install a distro like fedora30 much more user friendly than gentoo theres some fedora distros floating around that have all the drivers for the ps4s graphics card already working, pair your ps4 remote to the linux operating system, install RPCS3, its a ps3...
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