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  1. WaRMarinE

    Hacking [Black Ops Wii Hacks] Need Online Zombie codes!!

    You are in th wrong place comrade
  2. WaRMarinE

    Hacking 3 TB Seagate Works...

    Why the hell would you use a 3TB hard disk for Wii games?
  3. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Virtual Console N64 Wads

    You can search in Google for injected virtual console wads.
  4. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Waiting for a stable Swiss release, or buying a Wode ?

    If you have the money, I would say WODE.
  5. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Getting Sound Files off of a Wii game

    Have you checked into the game files yet?
  6. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Mortal Kombat Armageddon

    You are suposed to name the file to its gameID and then use the Alt-Dol option, dont you? RKME5D.dol At least thats what I did with MoHH2 and it worked.
  7. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Where the HELL can I find Hacked Brawl Stages?

    Brawl Vault never fails!
  8. WaRMarinE

    Hacking HELP... ERROR! (ret = -1024)... can't install WAD's :(

    Dude, try installing cIOS rev21 using 36 like base. Probably you are using a cIOS that is not able to install WAD's. That happened to me when I installed cIOS57 rev21 to play Black Ops I wasnt able to install wads. Then I installed cIOS36 rev21 and it worked without problems. Had to change back...
  9. WaRMarinE

    Hacking My Metroid theme - In the eyes of Samus

    Holy SHIT! Now THIS is a theme! That must have been a very hard to do theme, I remember when the first themes were being developed by the SoftMii team, I was a little involved in doing themes I know for sure that is a pain in the ass modding the files with hex programs and using benzin scripts...
  10. WaRMarinE

    Hacking I'm so confused! Wii themes please help!

    You need MyMenu PC aplication. You put your original .app file an then you put a .mym file and it will give you a .csm file to install it in MyMenuify. (Maybe Im wrong with the file names lol) Heres a .mym repository:
  11. WaRMarinE

    Hacking COD:BO update makes playing off USB unbearable

    The new patch sucks, its laggy as hell. I want my old gameplay back I dont care about the stupid hacker perk or anything new
  12. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Black ops usb loading Black screen

    I believe you need the cIOS 56
  13. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Rock Band DLC in USB Loader?

    Ive been using USB Loader GX with DLC without any problems using the cios 223.
  14. WaRMarinE

    Hacking what do i do with my wii

    You are giving me an idea for a movie right here.
  15. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Mighty Channels

    Thanks for the answer, Ill check this sexy app then
  16. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Mighty Channels

    Does it boots VC games?
  17. WaRMarinE

    Hacking PROJECT M LEAK 28/12/2010

    Lmao, Im like wtf is Project M
  18. WaRMarinE

    Hacking COD 3 not playable

    Sneek loads the games from disc channel like if you were using a disk.
  19. WaRMarinE

    Hacking Super Mario Galaxy 2 is black and white

    lol, he could have gotten a brick and dont even notice.
  20. WaRMarinE

    Hacking COD 3 not playable

    No because CoD 3 works with multiple .dol files. The alt-dol option only works with one .dol file.
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