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  1. supo

    Gaming Super Street Fighter IV 3D DEMO

    Transfers in under a minute for us. I've transferred with two people and no issues.
  2. supo

    Wii #XXXX - Biohazard 0 (NUKED) (Japan)

    A "scrubbed" release is considered incomplete. If they would label their releases as rip/scrubbed, there wouldn't be an issue.
  3. supo

    Hacking Auto Injectuwad Injector v1

    I've noticed the following... cannot open common-key: No such file or directory copy "DKC2.000.des" /Y 1 file(s) copied. etc... I have the common-key.bin in the same dir as the rest of the files. I've also tried renaming it to common-key without an extension.
  4. supo

    Hacking SSBB (NTSC-U) Backup Confirmed Working w/ Wiikey 1.9g

    I don't know if this will help anyone, but my backup works perfectly fine as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Drive model........: HL-DT-ST/DVD-ROM GDR8164B/0L06 Supported..........: Yes Retrieving disc seeds, this might take a while... OK Disc...
  5. supo

    Gaming Super Smash Bros Brawl: NTSC-U Hands On

    7hrs to go using GDR-8164B with FriiDump ver. 0.4.0. Averaging ~1154MB/hour...
  6. supo

    Gaming Super Mario Galaxy Demo

    You guys are reaching way too far...the only special protection being used is stupidity and/or lies. I'd just wait, we still have Battalion Wars coming before Galaxy!
  7. supo

    Wii #0266 - Bass Fishing Wii Rokumaru Densetsu (Japan)

    I'll test this on NTSC-U in a few hours when I get home. I cannot believe no one has given any information on the actual game this far into the thread. FOR SHAME! working with NTSC-U. Edit: This is exactly like you'd think it would be. Looks like another PS2 port...I remember SEGA Bass...
  8. supo

    Wii #0265 - Kekkaishi Kokubourou no Kage (Japan)

    So...Yes, it does work on NTSC-U (Wiikey). Are there any other gameplay mechanics besides capturing enemies in boxes and then destroying them? This game really sucks if there's nothing else to it. I've played for a little over an hour, and have only been able to use the same move over and...
  9. supo

    Wii #0265 - Kekkaishi Kokubourou no Kage (Japan)

    Does this release work on NTSC-U consoles? And for those who have played the game (Delta123), is it fairly playable without knowledge of the Language? Is there any English?
  10. supo

    Wii #0227 - Forever Blue (Japan)

    Ouch. The game really does look good though. I hope they can get it good and ready for the North American release (October 29). It's pretty sad that a game this buggy can still make it to market.
  11. supo

    Wii #0227 - Forever Blue (Japan)

    No patching with NTSC-U wiikey = Dolphin of doom.
  12. supo

    Wii #0227 - Forever Blue (Japan)

    If you've already applied the update from Big Brain Academy (JPN), does it prompt you to update again? The update from BBA was only to install the Japanese language characters. I'll try when I get home.
  13. supo

    Wii #0195 - Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race (Japan)

    I'm enjoying it quite a bit. It's certainly not a BAD game. It's a lot of fun, you just need to give it a chance.
  14. supo

    Wii #0195 - Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race (Japan)

    so does this support NTSC/U consoles?
  15. supo

    Wii #0189 - Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (USA)

    It is certainly not censored. After playing for 1.5 hours the controls are totally natural. I'm loving this game, and it is very much worthy of the $30 price tag.
  16. supo


    How can we strafe?
  17. supo

    Hacking Ouendan - skin

    I love it! Although I think it would be better without the "R4" badge at the that possible? Keep up the great work!
  18. supo

    Wii #0155 - Legend of the Dragon (USA)

    How is the gameplay? The screen shots reminded me a lot of the Naruto fighters...which are some of the best I've played.
  19. supo

    Wii #0152 - Wii de Yawaraka Atama Juku (Japan)

    My girlfriend and I just played for a good hour. What a blast. Wiikey, ntsc-u console. This game is going to be a big hit.
  20. supo

    Gaming US Wii Game Release Dates? Best place to check?

    The new Mario Strikers Football should be due out in the coming months as well, I believe. Certainly looking forward to that one.
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