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  1. Homlet

    Homebrew RELEASE NX Locale Switcher - Change the locale of specific titles from your Switch

    NX Locale Switcher A Nintendo Switch homebrew app that allows you to change the language and region of your games on a per-title basis, directly from your console. This makes use of Atmosphère's per-game settings overriding. Download Source...
  2. Homlet

    Homebrew RELEASE AIO Switch Updater - Update CFW, Sigpatches, FW and cheats directly from the Switch

    AIO-switch-updater A Nintendo Switch homebrew app download and update CFWs, sigpatches, FWs and cheat codes. Support Atmosphere, ReiNX and SXOS. Basically I packed my previous homebrew apps into one, polished it and added a GUI. Download releases...
  3. Homlet

    Homebrew RELEASE Sigpatches Updater: update your sigpatches from your switch

    ARCHIVED : Use my newest homebrew instead for a a more polished experience I believe @TotalJustice 's updater hasn't been working for a while, so I wrote mine. sigpatches-updater...
  4. Homlet

    Homebrew RELEASE Switch Cheats Updater - Update your cheat files from your Switch

    ARCHIVED : Use my newest homebrew instead for a more polished experience Switch Cheats Updater A Nintendo Switch homebrew app to automatically update your cheat files for...
  5. Homlet

    Homebrew RELEASE Joy-Con Color Swapper - Change your Joy-Con colors with an homebrew app

    Use my newest homebrew instead for a a more polished experience and more features GENERATE YOUR OWN PROFILES VIA MY WEBSITE : Joy-Con Color Swapper...
  6. Homlet

    Homebrew RELEASE Lan Play Curses - A Curses based GUI for spacemeowx2's lan-play

    I didn't like the way lan-play-GUI worked (electron and didn't show the lan-play stdout/stderr) so I wrote a simple terminal based GUI for myself and perhaps others who feel the same way I do. Features - Remembers the last server you connected to - Offers a server list so you can add servers...
  7. Homlet

    Tutorial Guide: how to dump emuMMC games to NSP

    Here's my guide on how to use SwitchSDTool in conjunction with other software to backup emuMMC title directly on a computer. GitHub page (proper markdown rendering) : Advantages over on-Switch dumping : NXDumpTool already allows you to dump...
  8. Homlet

    Hey there

    Hey, long time lurker, I'm finally deciding to create an account I've hacked all my Nintendo machines since the Gamecube and now I'm on the switch :) I'd like to try myself at Homebrew development, so let's see how it goes!
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