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  1. ratmandom

    Hardware NAS RAID ? what should I buy?

    Hello I am going to buy an nas raid some time and use HDD's in the raid, I don't know what to look for at all. I am completely new could some one give me a break down on it. What system tools do you need for it, what options are there for hard drives and what NAS do I need, all that good stuff...
  2. ratmandom

    Hacking PS Vita - SD2VITA Max Size SD CARD?

    What is the max size for the sd card in sd2vita? Some one on this forum should have some sort of a idea. :gun: I have heard 256gb and I have heard 400gb :unsure: If some one has a 400gb I would like to know? :grog:
  3. ratmandom

    Hacking Wii U usb helper, not loading on two computers that worked before for a while.

    How many people are having this problem and please tell me its not just me? Some one in this community must know if there is a project for a new helper, please put my mind at easy some one..... WHAT DO I DO with all my downloads now....>:download:
  4. ratmandom

    Gaming OK could some one tell me the size of the complete collection/PS3+PSN/

    OK could some one tell me the size of the complete collection/PS3+PSN/ I did hear that it is about 16tb from redump just the size no links or any bad comments please!!!! :yayps3:
  5. ratmandom

    Hacking Wii U Usb Helper now throwing error after win7 update

    can some one help me with this one? I have tried fixes and reinstalling it, my copy was working before a win7 update. it works on the down stairs computer win10, but I had all my stuff on the win7....
  6. ratmandom

    Hacking Where to start with a XboX 360, how do I set it up after the hard-mods? how do I upgrade storage ?

    hello I will have a xbox 360 with dual nand and a flashed drive soon. how do you set up the storage can you use a usb splitter with a lot of usb hard drives? what is the max hard drive size is it fat32 as you can have more than 2tb with fat32 if it is partitioned in the right way. is there a...
  7. ratmandom

    Hacking An exception occurred error.

    can some one help I tried loading a 3ds game here is the error, I have only just set up my 3ds.
  8. ratmandom

    Homebrew Does every one else's homebrew crash!

    I have tried a few homebrew games on my 3ds one of them scummvm I wanted to play that emulator so I tried a game and it crashed, it is not just one game but a lot of homebrew. the error is a screen with loads of numbers if that helps then says save crash report, I just want to know that I am...
  9. ratmandom

    Hacking can some one help, my 3DS will not boot unless there is a sd card in it(and I have a new one)

    OK where do I start with my 3ds to be setup with the right tools? like I just tried taking the old sd card out, with the new card that had all the files on it from the old sd it would not boot. even with out a sd card in it it would not boot. I need to get this new card working. sorry for the...
  10. ratmandom

    Hacking where are the best places to keep up with the exploit news

    I am on 5.50 and I want to know what are the best people to follow on twitter to keep up, and what are the best places to keep up with this scene? please comment!
  11. ratmandom

    Homebrew Homebrew launcher apps some don't boot just a quick question?

    I have set up my 3DS with a ready made package called nrtboothax. some of the homebrew apps do not work like, CHMM2, ctr-httpwn, head tracking demo 2 eshop 3dsx for homebrew and a few more apps maybe some one could tell me why I get a black screen when I try to launch them. Do I need these...
  12. ratmandom

    Gaming what size sd card should I get for my 3DS 128gb ?

    hello I was wondering if I could get a sd card bigger than 128gb or even if that was to big for the sd card speeds on the 3ds.... I have the old 3ds, and a r4i gold plus with the switch from nrt and wood because I am cool.
  13. ratmandom

    Hard Mods Discussion All Consoles and Opinion

    general discussions about hard mods... what top game changing hard mods are there out there any console ? I know a few. [xcm do some good mods] you can buy the psp2tv by team extender, light up wii cases and stuff like that worth a look. [team xecuter are mod chips]...
  14. ratmandom

    Hacking 32kb clusters, GPT to MBR, 4tb usb hard drive help ????

    hello I'm getting a 4tb usb HDD and I will convert it from GPT to MBR. will this work do all HDD work with fat32 MBR and over 2tb and on a wii... I am using I have been told that I need 32kb clusters for it as well not 64k clusters.
  15. ratmandom

    Hacking PS3 what is the best way to have a lot of games

    hello i was wondering what the best way is to have ps3 games/Back Ups large amounts of games. what size Usb HDD can i use. How many Usb HDD can i use. Plus internal HDD ?
  16. ratmandom

    Hacking WII U SD card Size + Hard Drive Size ?

    hello i was just wondering how the sd card would work with a hard drive as well i know the hard drive max size for wii u is 2tb. what format ? whats the max size of the sd card? can i use two hard drive Just wondering ?
  17. ratmandom

    Hacking Not Done this yet(anything to my wiiU) but asking about backing up the nand

    hello i was just wondering if i backed up my nand which i will how do flash it back if lets say the CBHC haxchi does not install ok. ok very new just wondering i know you can hard mod a few wires then flash. i don't want to do that just thinking how this works i know CBHC should be fine but im...
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