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  1. Big Man Tyrone2

    Gaming Is there a way to check to see if your NNID has been banned without having a Switch.

    I lost my Switch right around the time of Ultimate's release, and I have just recently ordered a new one from ebay. I used SXOS on my old Switch, and did, "backup" some games. I also had a multitude of games on my NNID account. So, I was wondering if it was possible for me to check whether my...
  2. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hardware Switch Tablet for $60 -- Too good to be true?

    I lost my Switch about 6 months ago, and at this point, I have given up hope. So, I decided to look on ebay for Switch tablets. On my search, I ran into this listing: I understand that it is a bid, but...
  3. Big Man Tyrone2

    Homebrew Help with completely removing custom software.

    So I recently gave away my Wii U to a friend, and it had CBHC on it. He wants to remove all modded data on the Wii U, but I do not have the SD card containing all of the things I needed to run custom data. I've been out of the Wii U hacking scene for a while, so I'm not familiar with doing it...
  4. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hardware Switch Not/Taking too long to charge?

    Title. I can turn it on to the Nintendo Screen, but thats it. Also, I don't think its in AutoRCM, because I managed to uninstall AutoRCM with the little battery my switch had left, and entered OFW. I have been waiting for about an hour but with no results. Though, I can see the little charger...
  5. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hacking Attempting to revive a 3DS that has been in my drawer for about a year.

    Got banned in the Moon ban wave almost 2 years back and I have an itch to play old 3DS games. I've tried to turn on my 3DS but it instantly turns on then off again. My SD card looks like this:, and to be honest, after leaving the scene for a while, I have no idea what...
  6. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hacking SX OS is live on their website!
  7. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hacking Quick PSA to anyone buying the SX OS/PRO

    Don't think it is safe to go online because you have not seen any bans in the next few days. Nintendo usually distributes bans in masses, not one at a time. Let the idiots get banned first and see what happens.
  8. Big Man Tyrone2

    Gaming According to Emily Rogers and ERA King Zell, a Pokemon Switch announcement will take place at 10:30.

    According to Emily Rogers and ERA King Zell, a Pokemon Switch announcement will take place at 10:30 EST, with a media event beginning at 9:00 EST. Source: To get hyped or to not get hyped? EDIT: ITS REAL...
  9. Big Man Tyrone2

    Emulation CEMU getting stuck on boot of any games I try.

    As soon as I boot up a game on CEMU 1.11.4, there is a black screen for 15 to 20 seconds, and then a crash. Nothing shows up. I've tried using DDU, but to no avail. My specs are: RX 560 Ryzen 7 1700 16GB DDR4 RAM Thanks in advance!
  10. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hacking Error when attempting to run Budokai Tenkaichi 3 via. Wii U menu.

    So when I attempt to boot up BT3 on the Wii U menu (used this guide: ) my Wii U reboots. I'm using RedNand CBHC (Mocha).
  11. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hardware Best place to buy a N2Elite (or any recommended amiibo writer). In the USA.

    Title. Money is not an issue. Also, is there any way to use my PC instead of an android phone?
  12. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hardware How possible would it be for Powersaves Switch?

    I think if we get a new Pokemon game, then there would be a Powersaves Switch.
  13. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hacking USB Loader GX refusing to start up Project M no matter what I do.

    I've tried turning on Ocarina, and using all Hooktypes, but to no avail (I am using vWii).
  14. Big Man Tyrone2

    Gaming I have $15 sitting in my Steam account, what should I buy.

    Title. (Keep in mind that I have a low end PC.)
  15. Big Man Tyrone2

    Homebrew Wiiflow nor CFG will detect SSBB

    Title. Also, I don't have a USB device, so i'm required to use my SD card.
  16. Big Man Tyrone2

    Homebrew Can I inject a save downloaded from the internet into a Wiiflow game?

    Title. Also, the save is for Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and I downloaded the save from here:
  17. Big Man Tyrone2

    Homebrew Is it possible to play SSBB mods on vWii (USB Loader)

    So, I was wondering if I could play Super Smash Bros Brawl with mods WITHOUT owning the disc (I had it, but lost it, i'm not a pirate). I don't have a USB, as i'm using the only one I have with my Wii U. I've tried before, but it would never work (crashing or booting vanilla game).
  18. Big Man Tyrone2

    Homebrew HID to VPAD error on Coldboot Haxchi?

    So I was trying to play some Mario Party 2 on my Wii U (VC, Brazilian Title Method), but I didn't have enough controllers for us all to play. So, I tried to use HID to VPAD, but every time I applied the patches and attempted to start up MP2, it freezes. Anyone know whats the issue and how to fix it?
  19. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hacking DS Roms on Wii U

    I was wondering if I could play some of my DS games on my Wii U that are not on the VC. My Wii U has RedNand, and I prefer not to use Loadiine (but if i have to, I would be okay with it). Could I inject a rom into a VC DS game?
  20. Big Man Tyrone2

    Hacking When launching a game via WiiFlow, I get sent back to the home screen.

    So, whenever I attempt to launch Brawl on Wiiflow, I get sent back to the home menu. I've tried multiple iso's but I keep getting the same result. I'm on vWii, and i'm using an SD card to boot up the game. Is it because I also use the SD card for Wii U hacking?
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