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    Hacking USB Loader GX with 2 HD's

    I have two HD's 1 with WII U Games = WII U HD 1 with WII / GC games = WII / GC HD I use Ustealth to hide the Wii / GC Drive under WII U Menu. Works fine, I can boot with two HD both plugged in under WII U environment However, when I load USB loader GX under vWii, I have to get up and fumble...
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    Gaming 5.5.3J with game problems..

    I recently purchased a wii U but unfortunately I live out in here in Asia so I got my hands on a Japnese unit. I was able to haxchi, mocha, spiik, to play.. Results are a mixed bag.. some games will load Eng, some games will default to Jap, some games will not load with spiik.. But my issue is...
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