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    Gaming Sea of Thieves becomes Microsoft's "fastest-selling" IP of the generation

    It would be interesting to know how many of these players have gamepass and did not buy the game.
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    What was something you REALLY didn't like about older consoles but no one seems to mind that much?

    handhelds without backlight memory cards controller cables
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    Gaming Atari would like you to fund Rollercoaster Tycoon on Switch

    It is better than a normal kickstarter campaign. If you back a kickstarter game with 250 $, you will usually get a copy of the game, a T-shirt and honorary mentioned your name on a website. Here it seems fair to get 120% return with high risk.
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    Hardware Nintendo Labo announced

    I didn't want to say that the models are too hard to build for children. I wanted to say that the models are too hard to build from scratch without the premade cardboards, because many people are saying it would be easy to print this at home and Nintendo could only release the software.
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    Hardware Nintendo Labo announced

    For me the models look to be too complicated to build with printable pdfs.
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    Hardware Nintendo Labo announced

    I don't think the software must be "worthwhile" games. It will be important that you can use your builds for something . For example you don't need a full racing game for the motorcycle handle. It will be enough when you are able to steer a motorcycle around a circle. Or it will be enough that...
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    Hardware Nintendo Labo announced

    I can't wait to see all the costum builds in the internet. People will come up with great ideas. I am sure there will be an comunity creating crazy things.
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    Hardware Nintendo Labo announced

    It is a nice idea and I like the sets. I don't think the price are very high. It is only a little bit more expensive than a game.
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    Gaming Nintendo teases "new interactive experience for kids" on Nintendo Switch

    The mini direct was about games. So I don't think they will announce a full game today. Maybe it is somethig similar to the streetpass games on the 3DS or something like the vote channel on the wii.
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    Hardware Improvements and/or Features you want for a new Switch Model

    There was a tv cart for the Game Gear. But today in almost all countries there is digital tv and in many dvb-t2 with paid subscription. I don't think it is possible to make a tv cart which can be used and sold worldwide. Also I don*t think that many people want a tv cart
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    Gaming Official Mini-Direct discussion thread.

    It is at 10:35 in the mini direct. It is a very beautiful and unique Adventure game published by EA.
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    Gaming Official Mini-Direct discussion thread.

    Why is nobody talking about Fe? Ok, it is not a big AAA title, but there are many talking points -the game itself looks very interesting and promising -new IP -3rd party support from one of the big publishers -it will release very soon on February 16th (same day release on all platforms)
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    Gaming The rest of the Wii U titles on Switch

    I doubt ports of these games: Xenoblade X was unplayable on the wii u gamepad because of the tiny font. This won't be an easy port when they want to make everything readable in handheld mode and xenoblade is too "niche" to make the effort. Pikmin 3 would need major changes. Wii sports club...
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    Gaming Nintendo Direct Mini Now Live

    This was a good january direct. At E3 we will see the big october game and maybe a big new game for the summer. I expect smash and animal crossing. I own a Wii U and I don't care for the ports, but I am happy for every switch owner who missed the Wii U.
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    Story canon, what does it mean to you?

    For me the Zelda games are independent. In every game there is a normal young boy and at the end of game he is a hero. Obviously the Link of the one game is not identical with the link of another game. So writing a timeline or a canon doesn't make sense at all. In other games the canon is...
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    Tempmas Week 2 results announced !

    I hope you will give the 2DS to your sister.
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    Gaming Need advice - Stardew Valley

    Also you need an U.S.-address in your amazon-account.
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    Hardware [Confirmed Fake] Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0.0 "Leaked"

    Where or why can I see that Mario Kart is a digital download game?
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    Team-Xecuter announces future-proof Switch exploit

    Let's wait. Wiikey U....
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    GBAtemp Game of the Year 2017 Voting: Nintendo Switch

    Zelda deserves to win. Mario 2nd. Xenoblade is my personel favourit. The list is a little bit odd. Many medicore games like Bomberman, Has been heroes, snake pass and 1-2-switch, but there are many great games missing like e.g. Steamworld Dig 2. Also there is Sonic forces instead of sonic Mania.
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