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    Tutorial Recover data after initializing PS4

    That's one greate Tuts. I once like to change my Avatar after active it with Offline Activator. Not successful. Do you have any ideas why it happen ?
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    Hacking Discussion Downgrader is possible on nintendo switch? yes. educational investigation.

    Just remove http and post only the link. Is it possible ?
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    Hacking PSA about IPATCHed Switches and supernag.

    Anybody please test that ! My patched unit is about 5.1.0. Don't dare to test it :(
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    Hacking Question I need your help :D is firmware 4.1 hackable

    FW 4.1? There is one keywords you should : pegascape.
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    Team AtlasNX unveils PegaScape: a PegaSwitch launcher and DNS for 1.0.0-3.0.0 consoles

    Please google: Pegascape. I think you should pick the first result.
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    14 days to go

    I would say: Too two go !
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    14 days to go

    4 days to go ?!
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    Hacking Question Is there a reason to stay on 5.10

    Oh, I think emuNAND may release this 15th June.
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    Hacking Suggestion AMS iPatched units deja vu

    Just wait. We will know when it available. Don't put too much pressure on devs.
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    14 days to go

    Same thought, must be emuNAND.
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    14 days to go

    Any hint to hype ?
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    14 days to go

    Is it a meme or is it a thing that SciresM mentioned about 7.0.1 ? // I think it's about the emu of the air :)
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    Hacking Switch Informations by serial number - READ THE FIRST POST before asking questions

    Serials beginning with XAJ4: Serials between XAJ40000000000 - XAJ40046000000 are safe to buy This line from #1. I guess yours is safe.
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