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  1. TehCupcakes

    Microsoft will no longer give away Xbox 360 games for Games With Gold

    Guys... Xbox 360 was released in 2005, and it's successor in 2013. It's surprising they kept it around this long. All things must end, and it was long overdue with Series X|S out now as well. No, they won't replace it with more Xbox One/Series titles. Those games carry a heck of a lot more...
  2. TehCupcakes

    Overwatch 2 will be free to play, enters early access this October

    Yes. They're calling it the "Founder's Pack", with 2 epic skins, a special icon, and "a surprise gift" Blizzard has said OW2 will be "free to play" but haven't really clarified what that means... It's a given that it applies to the PVP, but I still have a feeling that the PVE will be a paid...
  3. TehCupcakes

    Sonic Frontiers: World Premiere gameplay trailer

    The limited view distance causes a lot of pop-in which is a little jarring. The floating objects in a realistic open-world environment do look out of place. But that said, I don't really know how they could have done it any other way. Sonic is all about platforming, and it just wouldn't work...
  4. TehCupcakes

    Sonic '06 has randomly reappeared on the Xbox 360 digital store after 12 years of being delisted

    As awful as the game is, games shouldn't be removed from purchase, period. Good on Sega for bringing it back.
  5. TehCupcakes

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Knockout City

    If you want to experience this game properly, play it on PC, not Switch. Besides the obvious aim aspect with this being a lite shooter, the Switch version has some performance issues and WAY more lag, server disconnects, etc. YMMV depending on your internet connection, but it stands to reason if...
  6. TehCupcakes

    Steam Deck production expected to hit "hundreds of thousands" by next month

    The statements are not contradictory at all. You can have confidence in the hundreds of thousands of units being produced and still believe a queue is the right solution for the immediate future. The demand is in the millions.
  7. TehCupcakes

    Hacking Doubts Regarding having CFW on switch (mostly about emuMMC)

    1) When you create an emuNAND partition, it will clone from your sysNAND. That means you'll get the accounts, save data, etc. all as it was. After that, you are free to delete things from the emuNAND and it will not effect sysNAND (and vice versa.) You don't really need to unlink your account if...
  8. TehCupcakes

    Will you use your Deck as a computer?

    No. I love my desktop setup and when I can use a desktop I will. My Steam Deck is going to be reserved for gaming on the couch/bed and when I'm traveling. I can see why some people would want to install Windows or a different Linux distro to "unlock it" from the confines of Steam OS (or...
  9. TehCupcakes

    Polymega console to start shipping next month for early pre-orders

    While there are many other emulation devices, I think this has potential, even if it is niche. A few key differentiating factors: Multiple consoles in one box is appealing. There are some other devices which do this like RetroN, but overall it's the minority. The modular design means they could...
  10. TehCupcakes

    Intellivision announces new casual-targeted console

    I think these are right on the nose. I doubt this console will "make it" for these very reasons. The appeal is pretty niche... I could see some parents of young kids taking interest as a way to introduce their kids to gaming in a family-friendly way. But then why wouldn't you just get a Switch...
  11. TehCupcakes

    Epic is suing VR/AR company Nreal because their name sounds too much like Unreal

    If there were selling similar products (e.g. games and game engines) then I think it would be fair. But the fact that they aren't even really competitors just makes Epic look petty and arrogant. Sure, it's possible Nreal could obtain some traffic because of naming similarities. But damages to...
  12. TehCupcakes

    The DualSense is getting two new color options, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red

    What a novel idea to release multiple colors of popular hardware, with such a unique color like black. I'm sure no one could have anticipated the consumer demand for such a product. To be clear, I'm not mocking Sony for releasing a black controller... I'm mocking them for not doing it sooner.
  13. TehCupcakes

    Games you got too good at and ruined for yourself.

    Guitar Hero. I'm not legendary, and there are still challenges to be had solo, but I'm well above your average joe so I can't really play with most people. The skill difference makes multiplayer kind of pointless. (Of course, this series has fallen out of favor and probably doesn't show up much...
  14. TehCupcakes

    Humble Bundle announces redesign that will limit charity donations to 15%

    I would have understood this approach if this was how they started out. I mean, how do you convince publishers to submit good games worth hundreds of dollars (retail value) when it is going to be sold for < $15 and the buyers can choose not to give that money to the publishers at all? Yet...
  15. TehCupcakes

    Microsoft in Talks to Buy Discord for More Than $10 Billion

    Please no. Whether it's Microsoft or some other big company, I really hope Discord does not sell. If it does it will inevitably be ruined by terrible monetization strategies and everyone will need to find a new start-up chat program to flock to. I'm happy enough with Discord that I don't want to...
  16. TehCupcakes

    After nearly two decades of Xbox Live, Microsoft renames service to Xbox Network

    I might be in the minority but I think this actually makes sense, they just should have done it years ago. For people less familiar with gaming/Xbox, the difference between Xbox Live and "Xbox Live Gold" is not immediately clear. Assuming they are keeping "Xbox Live Gold" with the same name...
  17. TehCupcakes

    New Game Pass announcements put an emphasis on RPGs

    Strong recommend for Supraland as the hidden gem in this line-up!
  18. TehCupcakes

    Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Endless Space 2 headline Humble Choice's bundle for Feb. 2021

    I think Humble Bundles inherently get less exciting as you amass a larger library of games. That means you have more good games you haven't gotten to and when games you're interested in do show up, there's a decent chance you already have them. It's not so much that the selection is getting...
  19. TehCupcakes

    Modder finds that Breath of the Wild uses "advanced" Mii file format for NPCs

    That makes a ton of sense! As rudimentary as the graphics were, the Mii format already has all the basic characteristics for character customization. Why reinvent the wheel? It saves development time to build off what you've already got. And it's not "lazy", it's just smart; clearly it didn't...
  20. TehCupcakes

    Hacking [RELEASE] Sonic CD for PS Vita

    I don't pull out my Vita much these days, but it's still really cool to see the love people have for a good old Sonic game like this. Thanks for your work!
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