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  1. Bullseye

    Hacking Question Atmosphere 0.12 boot times through payloads

    So, I have been using Atmosphere 0.12 running through Hekate w/ Sigpatches on EmuNAND and I have been measuring the boot times through different payloads. The difference in boot times is quite relevant: Payload: Hekate 5.2.1 auto launching CFW emuNAND through fss0= Time to boot: 18.34 seconds...
  2. Bullseye

    Hacking New 3DS XL weird behaviour

    Hey, so I have had the following issue happen twice or thrice already and now it happened again and I was wondering if someone had this issue as well. I have my N3DS with an Acekard 2i put inside at all times. If you guys remember back when the Acekard 2i were released some of them had...
  3. Bullseye

    Hacking Adrenaline v4 Released! Changelog v4: - Added custom graphics filtering support for PS1 games. - Added screen mode adjustment for PS1 games. If you're using this feature on a PS Vita, select 'Original' screen mode in the offical settings, then apply the...
  4. Bullseye

    Hacking Unbricking Acekard 2i w/ 3DS and A9LH/CFW

    So I had an old Acekard 2i that worked perfectly on my 3DS till it bricked. Don't remember how, but I think it was because I updated the 3DS FW before the card. I bought a new one after that and that one has been working great and keeps on working now. I'm using A9LH + AuReinand on EmuNAND 10.7...
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