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  1. kineticUk

    Hacking Uninstall Adrenaline Bubble Manager

    I recently installed Adrenaline Bubble Manager ( but I don’t really understand what/where it was installed and can’t find any instructions or info online re: uninstalling. I’ve had some issues since and want to uninstall and revert to my...
  2. kineticUk

    Request account deletion?

    I would like to delete my gbatemp account and wondered if a mod could help me?
  3. kineticUk

    Hacking Wood firmwares 1.57-1.60 (RTS versions) not compatible with some r4igold hw

    The latest wood r4igold firmware with RTS break .nds loading on some r4igold hw revisions. Since ywg added RTS I've wanted to update my r4igold. When I update 1.56 to anything above breaks .nds loading. I tested and actually ds homebrew still works and also .gba but trying to load any .nds rom...
  4. kineticUk

    Hacking WiiFlow Global Display Settings Confusin' Me

    I want WiiFlow to use the same video mode as system menu setting and play all my games with progressive output (when poss). In the global video options, whats the difference between the following, I don't fully understand now? "Default" - sounds like it would use the same as the wii system...
  5. kineticUk

    Hacking Wood r4igold and .GBA loading with 3in1 broken?

    Since woodr4igold version 1.31 ez3in1 .gba loading is broken... I believe this is an r4igold bug because I have checked gba loading and its working on woodrpg. Can I check with yourselves though just incase, does loading .gba work on anybody elses r4igold? I'm really trying to get some more...
  6. kineticUk

    Hacking Jam with the band problem?

    Just wondered if anyone else had this game? I have not been able to play recently, wood isn't creating the save. I noticed updates but no mention of any problem so if anyone can confirm it works or that it doesn't I'd appreciate that. Thanks
  7. kineticUk

    Hacking I just wanted to check with you ... pls help ?

    Finally caved in and bought myself a PSP3000 (Never had own PS1 or 2 but having dreams of FF and memories of playing through those games with friends etc thought now was good enough time) Been hunting around and tried to find something with an older firmware out of the box, from what I have...
  8. kineticUk

    Gaming Okamiden Save Size?

    Hello Do any of you tempers know what save type this game uses? Just trying to figure out the correct save size that it should use and google doesn't seem to know (64k, 512k, 2M etc) Hope someone here has the game and could check this out... really appreciate anyone who can. Thank you
  9. kineticUk

    Hacking Previous .sav files not recognised (RPG and 1.7.1)

    Apologies for the post but I'm tired of this, my patience has now reached breaking point. 1.7 came out and was quite useless on the RPG cause DMA seemed off. I've been waiting and was happy to hear about a new version of akaio which supported the rpg had some fixes and improvements, sounds...
  10. kineticUk

    Hacking Acekard RPG + AKAIO 1.7

    Been using 1.7 now for a few days after using the 1.6 RC's previously and I dunno ... I wanna love 1.7 but. Loading games is quicker but once loaded they seem to be lagging more. In general white/black screens before intros start etc are on screen noticably longer than normal. Im finding akaio...
  11. kineticUk

    Hacking Jam with the band (akaio 1.7 acekard RPG)

    Don't suppose anyone has had the chance to try Jam with the band? It doesn't work on my RPG using akaio 1.7, would appreciate it if anyone could let me know. I'm guessing its just the ak rpg loader thats affected. It uses a 64M (8MB) savefile afaik, on my rpg it freezes during the load stage...
  12. kineticUk

    Hacking Daigasso! Band Brothers DX working on ak2/i?

    Hi everyone Just a quick question if anyone plays this game. Does it work on ak2 or ak2i with akaio 1.6 RC/RC2? Thanks
  13. kineticUk

    Hacking Files are showing 32kb bigger than normal to them some how?

    Has anyone noticed that some files are larger than they should be with akaio 1.6? I finding all my .sav files in the game directory are 32kb larger than they should be. Thought my .sav file had corrupted when I noticed it on my platinum save game...the save still seems to work but this is...
  14. kineticUk

    Hacking Pls Help. Rumble doesn't work. RPG/3in1+ Bug?

    Are there many people here who have acekard RPG and 3in1+ combinations? I've never been able to get rumble working in my ds games (Previously using 1.4.1, 1.5, 1.51 all with the same setup.. RPG and 3in1+). I decided to give it another try while akaio is in rc. I tried so far just the games I...
  15. kineticUk

    Hacking Is SMT Strange Journey working on the acekard RPG?

    Can anyone confirm that this game is working on akaio 1.6RC2 with acekard RPG? I tried it last night after updating to RC2 but on my RPG i got 2 white screens whenever I tried to load it up..tried different size saves but it didnt create a save. (This is with the loaders included with RC2) Not...
  16. kineticUk

    Hacking Avalon Code (E) Opening FMV Glitches?

    Just recently got avalon code and wondered if anyone else had glitches when watching the opening movie before the title screen? Heard about certain problematic games which had FMV cutscenes (Castlevania etc) but I'd not heard anything about this game. I have not got problems with other games...
  17. kineticUk

    Hacking Skins and Colours

    How do those of you who design or edit acekard skins make them (Using a dedicated editor or editing .ini file(s) by hand)? I only ask because I tried to make a skin recently and although the editor previewed everything correctly, when I tried the skin in my DS some of the text wasn't the same...
  18. kineticUk

    Hacking Can anyone help with skin .ini file settings?

    Does anyone know which setting inside the Skins .ini file relates to the text that you see on release notes etc? Ive got formtextcolor, listtextcolor etc. I'm trying to set the text to the correct colour so I can see the release notes when I download files, thought I'd ask incase someone helpful...
  19. kineticUk

    Hacking Noticed a few things updating to 1.6...

    I just wanted to discuss/report this here incase akaio team need info back and to check with yourselves to see if anyone else noticed anything similar when they setup. Edit: Just read through the original release thread and there are some similar reports on there now, so this is prob some little...
  20. kineticUk

    Hacking 1.5.1 bugs?

    Can anyone else check these out on their acekards...I'm on 1.5.1 using an RPG. 1. Still showing version 1.5 if you go to start menu then help. 2. Are we supposed to see release notes? I know plugins have been removed but thought I remember reading...
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