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    Upgrading Wifi board - wii rvl-001

    RVL-001 only supports 802.11b/g. Does the wii rvl-101 wifi board support 802.11n? The Wii U wifi board looks very similar to the Wii wifi board and I wonder if anyone has tried swapping them out.
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    Hacking Need help with game, ur0, and ux0 locations

    I'm totally new to the vita scene so bear with me :) I've set sd2vita as the main storage (400gb micro sd card) and NoNpDrm is intalled on ur0:/tai folder. The NoNpDrm plugin path is set to ur0:/tai in the config.txt file by default. I've placed an extracted game in folder format with the...
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    Hacking Safe to update to system update 9.2.0??

    I have a mariko switch on firmware 9.1.0. Does it matter if I update it to 9.2.0 while waiting for the new SX OS 3.0?
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    Legit websites to buy SX Pro

    Just got a new mariko switch and I’m just waiting for xecuter to release the new mod chip. So which websites do you guys vouch for?
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    Homebrew Hexen 3ds files

    Looking to install hexen on my 2ds xl. Which files do I copy from the disc?
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    Homebrew Seedminer & 11.13.0-45U

    Just bought a new 2ds xl on 11.4. Does the seedminer hack work on the latest system update 11.13.0-45U? Is there another exploit method to install cfw?
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    Homebrew [Help] Restored nand, reinstalling everything, and rosalina problem

    **I just restored the nand on my old 2ds via godmode9. I can boot into godmode after restoring the nand and factory reset. gm9 restored the nand and it is on firmware 11.2 and hacked it with the soundhax method. Luma 9 was the cfw that I installed right after hacking the 2ds back in 2018. I...
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    Hacking PS3 Hen - Installing Pkgs Error (80710092)

    I've reinstalled hfw 4.84 (flash drive in fat32 and mbr), han v3, and hen v2.2.2 4 times. I followed the main psx-place tutorial for installing han v3 and hen v2.2.2 from the read me file to the Ts. I've reactivated the PS3 every single time after install hfw and dumped the act & ips files. I"ve...
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    Homebrew prboom3ds shows black screen

    I installed the cia version of elhobb's prboom3ds and am getting only black screen. I have placed the wad files in the root and then tried in a folder named prboom3ds in the root of the sd card. I am still getting a black-screen-of-death and have to long press the power button to get rid of...
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    Hardware [help] old nintendo 2ds max storage sd card??

    I bought a 128gb micro sd card (with adapter) for my old nintendo 2ds. Nintendo says that 2ds supports up to 32gb of storage but I've seen on google that peeps have used 64gb sd cards. Will my micro sd card work and is there an app limit that the 2ds imposes?
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