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    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    I did like to report two bugs in the latest stable version. Nestopia crashs on start asking for "custom.pal" file. As far as I'm concerned this is a palette file that should come with the emulator right? Mednafen PCE has an annoying line at the botton of the screen which seems to be originated...
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    Homebrew [DISCUSSION] New Super Ultimate Injector (NSUI)

    I have seen quite a few people having trouble with the snes CIAs with no one really giving an anwser, if you are getting an error code with the SNES CIAs install "luma locale switcher" and set the game location to USA. Worked for me.
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    Homebrew Is there anyway to disable SNES VC resume / save state?

    Hey, I was wondering is there is any homebrew that disables the annoying save state feature of the snes-vc games? Where once you close the application the next time you open it, it resumes where you left off. I know that restarting the game from the beginning is as easy as selecting reset, but...
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    Homebrew [Release] ScummVM 3DS

    Sorry for bumping this old thread, but for those having trouble running games that require kyra.dat, you should get the 1.8.1 version of that file, found in here:
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    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    Is there a way to add scanlines filter or overlay?
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    Homebrew Official EasyRPG 3DS - RPG Maker 2000/2003 Player for 3DS

    I don't think the project is completely dead considering there has been a test build released about 10 days ago. But as it stands there are too many bugs. I have the same problem someone else state above with the 0.5.3 version (stable) where I can't start any other game least I run Yume Nikki...
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    Hacking Moonshell2 as a firmware

    Anyway, in this past days, while gbatemp was down, I decide to give a try to WoodYS (Alternative firmwares thread), it work perfectly fine and loads Mooshell2 without needing DLDI patch. DSCovery and YSM3 should work as well since they use the same loader, but i didn't test then yet.
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    Hacking Moonshell2 as a firmware

    Alright, thanks Well, yeah, Sakura can load MS2 just fine but, its quite heavy (about 90MB) and I want to put as much of my music files in the Micro SD as possible. Also, I can't use any DLDI patch since the only computer I have access right now uses linux (and besides, it's not mine, so I...
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    Hacking Moonshell2 as a firmware

    Hi! For some time now I have been using my M3 DS Real for music only and I was wondering if there is a way to use Moonshell2 as a system firmware. If not, which is the smallest firmware for M3 that can load Moonshell2 without DLDI patching?
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    Hacking Got a few question about M3 GEP.

    Alright, thanks! I will take a look around.
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    Hacking Got a few question about M3 GEP.

    Hi, a few years ago I bought a M3 card with a GBA Expension pack, I sold the DS and card but I kept the GEP. Now I'm planning to buy a new DS and got a few questions about the GEP. Does GBA ExpLoader with either DSTWO or Acekard 2i? Is it compatible with M3 GEP? Is ther any way to improve the...
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    Hacking Best GBA Expansion?

    I am going to buy a M3 with GBA expasion too and got some questions. After save the game, (through RTS save or in-game save that don't matter to me) will it be erased after turn off the Ds? If Yes is there anything that fix it? If No how much saves can I have?
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