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  1. Lazyboss

    Hacking SX Core / Light installation helpful

    greetings all, sorry if this question was covered in another thread but I can't find a good tutorial to cover the installation of sx core step by step. I recently got an sx core and I cannot figure out how to install it into my switch the correct way, most of the videos I found in YT either too...
  2. Lazyboss

    What is the best chinese Retro handheld gaming system for 2019?

    Greeting everyone, I'm looking for a retro handheld console that can play nes, snes, gba and SG if possible. I know some of the Chinese handheld can have CFW but I mostly looking for something easy to use for kids, so psp is not an option, mostly want something can play gba smoothly. I'm...
  3. Lazyboss

    Hacking Switch freeze after updating to SX OS 2.0

    Greetings everyone, I have a strange problem after updaring SX OS to 2.0, and I've noticed this problem happened when I put the switch on sleep/wakeup mode, the game will just freeze once I hit any button with no error, just freeze, and I'm forced to press the power button for 15 sec in order to...
  4. Lazyboss

    Hacking How to play multiple disks in WiiVC for Gamecube?

    The new Wii VC injector allow us to play injected gamecube games on the Wii U, there are few games in GameCube have multiple discs such as Metal Gear Solid the twin snakes, Resident Evil, Tales of Symphonia ets. so what should i do when i reach the the point that i need to insert Disc 2? thank you
  5. Lazyboss

    Homebrew How to make CFW access easy for kids?

    Greetings everyone i recently got a modded Wii U with Haxchi while using wup installer for games, everything is fine and even easy to access those games installed in the system menu, only problem i'm facing is anything required a CFW like DLC and VC games as i need to run a signature patch for...
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