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    Hacking Metroid Prime 2 Wii de Asobu Translation

    Translation patch for metroid prime 2 wiimake is below the readme quote... If you want USB loading, the included readme file may be ambiguous. Read the quote here instead! Download at mediafire:
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    ROM Hack Rhapsody DS Redub

    Hey all, I'm doing a redub of Rhapsody DS so we can have the english voices (and higher quality BGMs... they suck right now). My boyfriend has an R4 and I have a DS Xtreme 2GB. I noticed the card bandwidth on both of them is very different. On the DSX, the bandwidth is too low for the cut...
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    Hacking RELEASE: VBA Wii Updated

    Hi all, just releasing a personal version of VBA Wii. Theres a few speed ups here and there meant to make games run smoother, specifically, MOTHER 3. However, all games should benefit from these speed ups, even if they are subtle. I had originally had this done a while ago but I needed a tester...
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    Hacking Useful Information Found Saved From the Official Forum

    <div align="left"> <b>Hi all, this thread is to help anyone else who has this card so that they can benefit from information that was posted on the official forum, but hard to find elsewhere; And tools that will be unavailable at the end of July 2008. If a mod could please sticky this, I would...
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    A small suggesstion

    I am sorry for posting here since there is no forum for suggestions, so I thought this would be the proper place. Since many people have a lot of issues with others, though I would never use this myself, instead causing flame wars, why not allow people to ignore others? I am unsure of the...
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    Hacking DS-X 1.1.3 Firmware Dump

    Hi, I dumped the latest firmware for the DS-X. It doesn't boot from the DS-X menu, BUT! It does run in no$cashgba, weird eh? Sadly is not allowing softreset via gbaexploader either :-/. Download here:
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    Hacking 3 in 1 questions

    So I have a whole try before you buy deal going on here. My friend lent me his 3 in 1 to try with my setup (DS-X, gba exploader). Have an interesting problem. Just to try it, I loaded Minish cap to the NOR memory. Worked like a charm after some time. However, randomly, most notably when there...
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    Hacking U8 tools.... IN ENGLISH

    I got sick of staring at the Spanish error messages and trying to understand them with respect to context so... I English-ified them. A small contribution, and will no doubt promote piracy... but I don't use it for that... anyway... link is below:
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    Hacking Will this setup work?

    I have: Gameboy Player DS Lite DS Phat DS-Xtreme I want to get: EZ-Flash 3 in 1 (GBA Sized). Based on this, I assume the device will work in any GBA slot I put it into. What I really want to know is, does the GBAEXPLoader work with my DS-Xtreme, and the GBA sized version of the 3 in 1. (As a...
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