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    Hacking sigpatches no .nsp will work

    Hello Guys, i used tinfoil to install some games 50% worked 50% not worked like lets go pikachu need to visit eshop or download update ( cant update the game , i got banned long time ago ) Creepy Road worked without problems i read about sigpathces but how i got then? i try to "install"...
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    Hacking Question Stargate NX dont work

    Hello, i hope anyone can help me i bought Stargate NX ( dont blame me :D ) in the first times i used it it work without fails now i cant install any game/dlc/updates cant olve the problem by myself, i hope for help here THANKS
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    Hacking 400GB Micro SD Card for SX will work?

    Hello fast and quickly question this will work with Switch / SX SanDisk Ultra 400GB Micro...
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    ROM Hack Question Nintendo Switch Noob 2.0

    Hello people, i hope i am and the right forum and can post my some question here , when not please change this post in the right section :) today i got my SX PRO i watch some videos and read the long manuals from the sx os homepage. but not all question got an answer first question i got...
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    Hacking SX PRO for what i need a SD card?

    Hello, i am an totaly noob for this one for what i need an sd card ? saves games? like wii u games on it? wanna buy then 128gb samsung or sandisk when i save games on it ^^ i hope u dont hate me and give me a short quick answer
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    Hardware This SD card work?

    Hello, just 1 simple question for the expert here on forum :) work this sd card: its class 10 and UHS 3 for a...
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    Hacking Need help with Wii u Black screen (5.3.2)

    Hello guys i bought today a Wii u on FIrmware 4.X.X and update this one with Yoshi Woolly World to 5.3.2 ! i set a SD card ( 64gb) on FAT32 with includes of SD/wiiu/apps/loadiine_gx2 SD/wiiu/games/ Name of Game SD/wiiu/save and SD/www now i start wii u with insert SD card open...
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