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  1. Treskatae

    Hardware Okay can we actually talk about corruption?

    Update: Thanks to @The Real Jdbye for providing the solution. Card was formatted with tegra explorer. Stock Atmosphere launched with hekate in emuMMC. Titles were all placed onto the SD card before being installed by Awoo. Out of a sample size of 50 titles, all of which were NSZ files...
  2. Treskatae

    Hacking Suggestion For those who also have trouble with homebrew (atmosphere 2168-0002 error)

    If you get error 2168-0002 or similar errors when trying to use homebrew apps, or trying to install any .nro's or nsp's, this is what I did to fix it. After days of throwing everything at the damn thing, I'm up and running and back to normal. I'll list everything I did, but I'm pretty sure what...
  3. Treskatae

    Hacking 80029564 when attempting to install game packages on Rebug 4.82

    Homebrew installs fine with package manager but I get this error message on a game package. Is this some problem with the cfw installation or am I doing something wrong? I have the exdata folder with rap file in the packages directory along with the package.
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