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    Blog: Wizardkoer

    Blog: Wizardkoer
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    Blog: Wizardkoer

    Blog: Wizardkoer
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    Recording/Internet Live Streaming 3DS using mid-lower end laptop running Windows 10 built in Game DVR

    So I heard that Microsoft really improved Windows 10's built in game DVR and broadcasting, but can you 1) stream your N3DS's screens to your computer and then broadcast that live to the internet? Let's find out! My setup: - Surface Pro 4 i5 4GB model - TP Link Archer C3150 dual channel - N3DS...
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    Comment by 'Wizardkoer' in 'people at my school got scammed of cfw'

    This posts sounds like a 12 year old trying to make up bs so that strangers in the internet think he's doing the right thing lmao. "And yes everyone got their money back" Yeah bullshit, so your ex-friend realised what he did was wrong and just simply gave the money back? Or did you guys take...
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    Comment by 'Wizardkoer' in '[PSA] About RiiConnect24 and'

    Instead of the two services clashing with each other, everyone should work together to create one service; if we have two different services altogether it would severely tear apart the already small custom wiiconnect24 community.
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