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  1. superspudz2000

    Comment by 'superspudz2000' in 'Yeah. im gunna update my 5.3.2 WiiU.....'

    @mgrev why? brass tax whats the real benefit of staying at 5.3.2? im sure someone will create an exploit for 5.5.2 eventually. also its not like im going to go through the web browser method everytime just to play some homebrew.
  2. superspudz2000

    Yeah. im gunna update my 5.3.2 WiiU.....

    was gunna try to install Homebrew channel, but from what i can tell you can use game exploits at 5.5.1 anyway. Also it seems its not permanent, you have to restart the exploit every single time you start the WiiU, Also there the extra time to load the WiiU, select Tv out options, wait, then...
  3. superspudz2000

    Comment by 'superspudz2000' in 'man, 2DS is Awesome!'

    you realize i didn't do this all at once, this was over the course of 5 months. and my wife wouldn't like me getting laid behind her back im sure.
  4. superspudz2000

    man, 2DS is Awesome!

    so a couple months ago i bought a 2DS, even though i allready own a 3DS XL, as they had a Free Zelda four swords offer on the eShop. my thinking being to buy it as a "zelda holder", and i could always use it as a guest controller for download play when company comes over. best purchase of my...
  5. superspudz2000

    Comment by 'superspudz2000' in 'what i learned from NDS releases.'

    Square has bothered me since they changed japans FinalFantasy 5 to usa FinalFantasy 3 on SNES, and then changed it again for the remakes. 1. DQM:Joker is horribly censored, you cant even name a monster frog or hun ter, or poo 2. SaGa series remains un-localized. along with DQM:joker 2, blood...
  6. superspudz2000

    what i learned from NDS releases.

    -Casual gamers have ruined the gaming industry. how many bubble pop/jewel break games does there need to exist? -japan has an obscene amount of Educational games. every second release is math training/kanji training. what are they planning? -Square Enix are astards -there are a crazy amount...
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