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  1. Gruntzer

    Hacking "5.2" should i update to 5.5 or is IOSU coming to my firmware ?

    hello i have read some rumors that IOSU is going to be 5.2 but then again in other places o read that 5.2 will not be supported only those who are below 5.2. anyone have some solid news please ? PS : i need to update to install my dlc that i pre ordered
  2. Gruntzer

    Hacking Transferring .Sav from legit cart to Gateway mode ?

    hello i have been having issues trying to relocate my save from my legit cart " One piece - super grand battle X " because i can't download the latest patch in sys nand everytime i copy it from my cart to gateway mode it turns out to be corrupt, is there any trick to do it correctly ?
  3. Gruntzer

    Hacking exploit 5.2U ?

    hello sorry to make a new thread but i am banned from "Wii U Hacking & Homebrew Discussion" due to making a pun ,but it was well worth it :P so my question is, can i exploit my 5.2 to play region free games or do i have to buy a game and update to 5.3.2 ?
  4. Gruntzer

    Hacking so i have a 8.1J FW N3DS with no browser, how can i exploit it?

    i mainly need to play region free and play hacked roms for increased difficulty and UNDUB . i have searched here and there but the amount of information and cfw is overwhelming , and i couldn't figure out how to launch them without a browser. Edit : for those who just want to get to the point...
  5. Gruntzer

    Question regarding "A Song of Ice and Fire/GOT" and the series

    Hello i have been watching GOT for quite sometime now and with the season ending that left me .... confused i decided to read the books, to be honest i wish not to start over from the very beginning but i would like to just continue where the show left off or maybe a season or 2 earlier. Thus...
  6. Gruntzer

    Hardware New 3ds White [Japanese] firmware ?

    hello i couldn't find a reliable source in my searches and i wanted to put the question here. i need to buy a new 3ds and i really like the japanese white ones and i want to buy one to use with gateway if possible so i need to inquire about shipping firmware if i am to buy them from
  7. Gruntzer

    Does anybody own [Ear Force PX21]? ,I require some wiring help

    hello so i own a pair of Ear Force PX21 the left ear kid of died years ago , i attempted to resolder it then but due to some circumstances i was unable to do so. i cut all the wires from the ear pcb to remove solder but i never go to do that. the issue now is that i have emailed their...
  8. Gruntzer

    ROM Hack patching roms to be region free

    hello long story short: was on 9.2 waiting for gateway then my sister updated to 9.4 by mistake now i am only stuck with Sky3DS Sky3DS can't load other region games so i am wondering if there is a way to patch Japanese roms to be played on my USA 3DS via Sky3DS if i remember this was used...
  9. Gruntzer

    Gaming Nintendo Executive: 'No New Mario Title in 2015'

    thought that i might share this one Sauce : Anime News Network - ANN Link to the actual interview : Here
  10. Gruntzer

    Gaming I need some recommendations regarding Jap games

    Hello i am planning to get "gateway 3ds" to play some Japanese games because in normal circumstances i am unable to obtain ( and yes pirating is wrong and nothing justifies it ). i am still learning Japanese so i am not looking for games with really complex/historical dialogue, i am looking...
  11. Gruntzer

    PS1/2 soft modding my Phat ps2, need help with *.Elf files

    hello i am currently trying to softmod my [email protected] using This Guide after i complete that which i will as soon as i acquire some scrap parts ,i "will" need help obtaining elf files to play backups ( especially from other regions mainly NSTC-J ) ( my console is PAL region ), thus if anyone is kind...
  12. Gruntzer

    Gaming "Wii U" games that utilize WiiMote motion+ and nunchuck

    so i am a huge fan of the WiiMote , but seeing that nintendo is focusing on the game-pad nowadays i am wondering if it is a viable option to spend 100~$ on 2 wiimotes and nunchucks , are there any games that use them anymore ? are there any "good" games that will use the motion capture...
  13. Gruntzer

    Hardware should i wait for bayonetta 2 bundle or just get the console now

    after E3 i really got interested in the Wii U , i wish to buy one but i am really interested if they release a special bundle for bayonetta , my main interest in purely aesthetic "console colour" ,i have never owned a Nintendo home console so i am not so familiar with their hardware revisions...
  14. Gruntzer

    Hardware 7.1.0-16U update

    i just got the update notification now and updated , took 1 sec then it was finished any ideas about what it might contain ?
  15. Gruntzer

    Gaming just got a 5IV shiny from wonder trade ,and i am like WOW

    so i was wonder trading my safari caught dittos/eevees and to my surprise i got a shiny "Greninja" and it was Spanish. lvl 79 , protean ability , 5IV i am really shocked , could this be a hacked pokemon or was i just super lucky ?
  16. Gruntzer

    Gaming need a question answered about pokemon transfer from W/B to X/Y

    hello so i finally started my goal of completing my pokedex and i am having a hard time getting legendaries to get the entries on pokedex so i was wondering, if i buy pokemon B2/W2 to play on my 3DS will i be able to transport the pokemon from them to XY ...... (( i only have 1 3DS and i own...
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