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  1. GameDragon

    My Megaman X Engine

    Well, a few people here might already know about this, though I haven't really shown anyone yet. These last few months have been pretty boring for me, so in my spare time, I worked on this. As of now, it's not much, but it's getting there. So, what exactly is it? Pretty much I'm trying to...
  2. GameDragon

    First modded arcade stick!

    I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but never had much of a reason to. Shortly after I purchased Blazblue, my MadCatz SF4 Standard Edition Stick started to deteriorate. So I figured this was a pretty good time to replace the parts with some better parts, instead of struggling with the...
  3. GameDragon

    Hacking Unreadable HDD?

    I just purchased an external HDD today specifically for the Wii. Using WBFS Manager, I was unable to format into WBFS. Instead, I formatted directly from the USB Loader. That worked just fine. But, my PC was still unable to read my HDD. I tried pretty much all the WBFS programs I could find, and...
  4. GameDragon

    Good first 360 game?

    So I ordered a 360 earlier this week, I got it for a pretty nice deal. I'm expecting it to come today, but before it gets here, I wanna buy a game to be ready when it gets here. I'm a pretty hardcore PC gamer, so alot of games thats out for 360 and PC I've already tried or own. I was thinking...
  5. GameDragon

    MMOs are getting more action-oriented

    I'm sure for alot of people, MMOs are getting more stale. Each one as similar as the next. Age of Conan was probably a step in the right direction, but it's execution wasn't great. Korean MMOs (Cause Korea loves MMOs) are starting a new approach from what I can tell, replacing the more passive...
  6. GameDragon

    Gaming Wario Land Shake It Save File?

    I've tried my luck with Wario Land using the Backup Loader. Out of 12 attempts, I only got to the intro level once. It froze upon completing that stage during loading. I've spent hours waiting for this intro video and pray that I can actually get to the first world. I figured an easier...
  7. GameDragon

    Rockman 7 8-Bit Remake

    If your itching to get your hands on Megaman 9, then this should hold you over for a little. Japanese fanboys have recreated SNES Rockman 7 completely in 8-bit form. The graphics, music, and engine are all almost perfect rendition of the NES Rockman games. This a freeware PC game for Windows...
  8. GameDragon

    Gaming Sigma Harmonics Help Thread

    <div align="center"><u><b><!--sizeo:5--><span style="font-size:18pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->Sigma Harmonics Help Thread<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--></b></u> <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" /></div>...
  9. GameDragon

    Gaming Touch Screen in Phoenix Wright?

    I've been attempting to play Apollo Justice on my DS, but touch screen is currently not functional, so all evidence that needs to be rotated to be present is impossible for me. I've gotten to the last cases in Phoenix Wright 2 and 3, but I haven't finished them (I did finish PW1 though). I'm in...
  10. GameDragon

    Hacking Internal Touch Screen problem

    Well I'm in quite a predicament. I recently bought a replacement case for my DS Lite. I've done replacement once on a DS Phat and once on a Lite. This time, I screwed up. The little lock for the flat ribbon cable (near the Wi-Fi module) broke off, now I'm having problems connecting it...
  11. GameDragon

    Boxart for games

    Sooo, I'm sure someone here will know this. I'm looking for boxart thumbnails for all the consoles and handhelds. I thought finding these would be easy, but I've only been able to find the whole covers (I only need the front cover). Anyone think they can help? I only need small sized boxart.
  12. GameDragon

    WIP SNEmulDS for Slot-2

    Theres a new work in progress version for SNEmulDS that should fix some issues some slot-2 users had in 0.6 alpha. You can get the new version here.. Enjoy
  13. GameDragon

    Kirby annouced for DS

    Well this is pretty exciting. After the incredibly easy Squeak Squad, we get another Kirby for DS. This time, its a big one. For those that haven't figured it out yet from either the title or screenshots, its a remake of in my opinion the greatest Kirby game ever made, Kirby...
  14. GameDragon

    Gaming Ryuusei no Rockman 2

    If anyone liked Ryuusei no Rockman (Megaman Star Force for those who don't know), then you should check out the sequel coming out soon. Theres a trailer on the official website. The Drive Fusion looks interesting, especially the last one with all three forms.
  15. GameDragon

    Gaming Ninja Gaiden DS Video

    I know that alot of people are anticipating this game, I am also patiently waiting . Was wondering if anyone saw this video for Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. It looks really impressive. Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword at Jeux-France I hope this isn't a old video, maybe I found out about it a little...
  16. GameDragon

    Question on Metroid

    Ok, I know there must be someone who knows much about the Metroid series (SpaceJump ). Something tells me this question can be answered easily but I'll ask anyway. So whats my big question? I'll get to that but first a think a little background information is needed to support my question...
  17. GameDragon

    Problem with Windows Aero

    Weird problem with Windows Vista, I have no clue whats going on. I have Vista Home Premium, and like all others, it comes with the Windows Aero theme. Computer has been fine for months, but this morning, my Aero theme was replaced with the Windows Classic scheme. Normally, I'd be able to switch...
  18. GameDragon

    Gaming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Video

    I loved Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for GameCube even though most of my friends didn't. Having your own seperate menu for each player without disrupting the gameplay was so awesome. I went through the game twice with my buddy and we loved it both times. When FFCC for DS was annouced...
  19. GameDragon

    Hardware Using Wii on PC Monitor

    I need a little assistance. Simply put, how would I go about playing my Wii on my PC? I figured it would look a lot better playing it on an wide screen monitor than on my standard TV. My monitor does not have ports for Composite or S-Video, so what would I need to purchase in order to do this...
  20. GameDragon

    Hacking Having trouble with my DS Lite

    Well, this is unfortunate... Recently, my DS Lite has been randomly shutting off on me and is becoming quite a problem. It happened about a month ago but it was only once and I paid it no attention. However, it is becoming alot more frequent nowadays and I was wondering if anyone knew a solution...
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