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    Comment by 'Ben_j' in 'TOEIC'

    Doing nothing but watching english and american TV shows all day DOES help apparently :)
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    Comment by 'Ben_j' in 'TOEIC' Test of English for International Communication
  3. Ben_j


    I has it. I knew I would pass, but I didn't expect to have a perfect score ! I had 990/990
  4. Ben_j

    Comment by 'Ben_j' in 'Chrome is overhyped.'

    Chrome was really good when I tried it. I even used it as my main browser for quite some time. What made me go back to Opera was the big lack of features. Seriously, it's got as much features as IE6. But the browser itself is really good. Also, Opera fixed all the annoying problems that made me...
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    Ben_j's Blog

    Ben_j's Blog
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    Ben_j's Blog
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