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  1. Knarf

    ROM Hack Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Freezing

    I'm using an Acekard 2i with the latest update. The game plays fine but when I save it freezes... Is there a patch of something I can do to stop this from happening?
  2. Knarf

    Hacking Should I sell?

    Well I've got a Acekard 2i and I'm wondering if I should sell the Acekard 2i, and pay the extra cash to get a M3i or Cycloi. Do you think Acekard 2i will be updateable to work for 1.4 or should I sell it? I'm right now running the second update (So I could access the shop.
  3. Knarf

    Hacking Looking for a Drag & Drop cart

    I'm on the market for a GBA flash cart. I'm for the cheapest one I can get, that is a simple drag & drop. I don't care what type of card it takes, just need one for my GBA SP and Micro. Thanks
  4. Knarf

    Double account deleted

    I had originally made a second account as I lost the password to this one. I wa able to recover this one so can you please delete my second account. The username is knarfx2
  5. Knarf

    Gaming Hack.ini help

    I've got preloader 0.26 installed on my 4.0U wii. I followed this guide When I load up the settings on hacks to enable the only option I get us skip disc update check. I'm thinking I have an outdated hack.ini file? Can someone please help me find the...
  6. Knarf

    Hacking Hack.ini help

    I've got preloader 0.26 installed on my 4.0U wii. I followed this guide When I load up the settings on hacks to enable the only option I get us skip disc update check. I'm thinking I have an outdated hack.ini file? Can someone please help me find the...
  7. Knarf

    Homebrew DSi ware?

    Hello, I'm just curious if the DSi ware will ever be able to be ripped, and put on a flash cart like a DS rom, or if it's possible to make it in a wad like on wi, or something similar. Now I know the dsi is still being worked on to get hacked, but do you think it's going to happen, and if so...
  8. Knarf

    name change

    could i please have a name change to Knarf
  9. Knarf

    Hardware Changing booktype.

    Hey, I have a "TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H D400 (ATA)" drive in my laptop. I need to change the booktype on my DVD+R DVDs, but I don't know how. Would anyone mind helping me out? I'm using IMGburn. Thanks.
  10. Knarf

    Hardware DVD+R Question

    Alright I was at CVS pharmacy and I saw in the clearance section a 25 pack of windata DVD-r and a 50 pack of windata DVD+r. They ended up costing me $6 for all 75 of them. I tried the DVD-rs and they worked great, but I havn't used any of the DVD+r since I'm afraid It'll destroy me wii's laser...
  11. Knarf

    Hacking DSTT fix?

    Well as some of you know I got a defective DSTT from dealextreme. They replaced it with a different card but now I've got a broken DSTT card. Is there any way I can put something in it to fix it so I can let my little cousin use it? The problem is I think lose connection. It freezes at the...
  12. Knarf

    Hacking Acekard 2i work in phat?

    I'm planning on getting a DSi sometime in July but in the mean time I need a cart. I right now have a DS phat (Never got a lite XD) I was wondering if the DSi works in both DS Phat Slim, and DSi. Reason I'm asking is I've read up on it and it never mentions DS phat just Lite and DSi. Thanks in...
  13. Knarf

    Homebrew NO$GBA english?

    I've got a question... With the NO$GBA emulator I know you can change the language to English and you can change you're name, but is there a way you can save those setting? So it stays that way even when you close out of the emulator? Another question... Is there going to be a way to boot a game...
  14. Knarf

    Hacking [tut] How to burn an ISO (with pics and download!)

    Well since a lot of people liked my other tutorial I decided to post this one. I just posted it here and on wiiso today! Burning a Wii ISO using IMG burn. In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to burn a Wii ISO. What you’re going to need: 1. Wii ISO 2. Burning tools 3. DVD burner...
  15. Knarf

    Hacking Help!!!

    My DSTT is a real one, but for some reason putting it in my DS it freezes at the health & Safety warning screen. Please help!
  16. Knarf

    Hacking Got DSTT Today!

    I recieved my DSTT in the mail today from Dealextreme. It opened up pretty easily. I think It's a real but I'm not 100% sure. I took a couple pictures and I'd like to make sure before I do anything with it. Thanks.
  17. Knarf

    UR MR GAY!!!

    Mario thinks were all MR GAY. XD Enjoy Shame on you Mario
  18. Knarf

    Halloween Animated avar

    I made this avatar in October for a Halloween contest on a forum called Elite Gamers Forum. I know it's a little late to be posting but I'd like to know what you guys think. (Note: The edited mario sprite is my GFO sprite)
  19. Knarf

    Gaming DVD dumper 1.2 really slow

    Alright. I originally had my Wii connected to my 2wire router. I had used the wifi method to rip the iso from games. I've done it with 3 games and all 3 had taken about 2 hours. A few days ago My mom reset the 2wire router. I couldn't hook up my wii to the internet anymore. I had to fool around...
  20. Knarf

    Hacking [TUT] How-to install Starfall (With Pictures and download!)

    This is a tutorial I made originally for Wiiso but I decided it my be helpfull to some of the noobs here. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to install Starfall on you’re Wii. All the pics in this tutorial were taken by me! Before we begin I’m taking note right now that I don’t take any...
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