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  1. saberjoy

    Tempmas Week 4: The party ain't over!

    My goals include scoring a better cgpa this semester :ha: Being the best boyfriend ever getting my bench press up to 120kg (its at 80kg now) getting my squat up to 160 kg(its at 120kg now) getting my deadlift up to 200kg(its at 160kg now) bulking till im 90kgs(Im almost 80 now) and then getting...
  2. saberjoy

    Asteroid Set To Narrowly Miss Earth

    Asteroid Set To Narrowly Miss Earth...... OR IS IT???
  3. saberjoy

    Pokemon X and Y announced for 3ds

    Arceus had intercourse with a deer it seems.....
  4. saberjoy

    Pokemon X and Y announced for 3ds

    I Bet the devs went like this... "so peeps what do we name these two new games??................FUCK THIS SHIT lets just name em Pokemon X and [email protected][email protected]
  5. saberjoy

    Gaming Anyone ever done a bonehead move like this?

    Wow you guys lost so many things...... the only thing this thread lost is it's course XD
  6. saberjoy

    German physcists believe we're living in the Matrix

    Hey matrix [email protected] you up there!!??HEAR ME OUT!!!.. can I have blake lively plz plz plz??? XD
  7. saberjoy

    sony sues Kevin butler for playing mario kart?

    And here i was thinking apple was acting silly.
  8. saberjoy

    Monster Hunter 4 20 min. Footage, Tri G 3DS screens

    Adding online to MH4 almost tripled it's chances of making it to the west. I just hope they get satisfactory mh3u sales so they don't get pissed off and not give us mh4. I am sure they added online keeping the western audience in mind, and if they localise this then capcom is redeemed in my...
  9. saberjoy

    Nintendo Shows Off 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

    Nyko is just so much better at this shit.
  10. saberjoy

    All aboard the Hate Train!

    wooow.You typed all of that just to ridicule the wii u???
  11. saberjoy

    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Dated, 2 New Characters Revealed

    Hiehachi!? WTF! Jin of the gale > Hiehachi.
  12. saberjoy

    Hacking The UROM Crash

    How exactly did you crash it??? because i certainly could not figure out wtf happend at 1:46. And you yourself said this. How can the system be hacked if we dont have access to the 3ds mode???.
  13. saberjoy

    Easy fix

  14. saberjoy

    Hardware flashcart for new 3ds

    I live in india and even my 3ds and games were bought in the USA. EVERYTHING works as it should just change your region in the 3ds settings to usa or something to access the shop. Mk7 works fine online for me and e shop as well.If you live in delhi then you can buy flashcarts from palika...
  15. saberjoy

    Hacking Flash Card for 3DS roms?

    OH MY GAWD DONT YOU PEOPLE GET IT!. SHEESH is it really that hard to miss the stickys!? They are freaking YELLOW NOW. No need to thank me. jeez [hr]Posts merged NO. just no.
  16. saberjoy

    [Game] last word

    Winzip my ass.
  17. saberjoy

    to those who love to hate.

    >.> being concerned about the EOF won't do you any good .
  18. saberjoy

    to those who love to hate.

    What do you think you are!? the COPS!? huh? :tpi:
  19. saberjoy

    Hardware Should I get a 3ds?

    Uhm. Why not? :moogle:
  20. saberjoy

    Operation Sunrise - Golden Sun 4?

    I was talking about a whole different scenario ( I was wishing Capcom was as sensible as Camelot and we could have had monster hunter 3g in the west)
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