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    Leaked images show possible Amazon gamepad

    Wow can everybody chill the fuck out with the hate? THIS IS A PROTOTYPE. Yeah maybe it looks similar to other controllers, big deal, ALL CONTROLLERS KIND OF LOOK PRETTY SIMILAR. Okay I work at Amazon but like honestly why is everybody so mad at the controller design
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    Hacking 3DS Hacking Ideas: Post Your Ideas Here!

    Isn't that sort of a big deal though? Save editing is what lead to things like the Twilight hack, no?
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    Hacking 3DS Hacking Ideas: Post Your Ideas Here!

    Does the Datel Powersave have any implications? It has the ability to rewrite saves even on games with NAND saving.
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    Hacking Flash card teams still around?

    Acekard is still updating their firmware and trying to find a 3DS exploit
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    Hacking Is there a way to hack a game savefile ?

    Well, to answer your question, yes you can edit the amount of money in a game just won't be read by the 3DS :P
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    Hacking DSBricker and 4.0.0-7U update

    So is the crash that occurs when 3DS mode tries to read corrupted DS mode settings useful at all?
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    Hacking So still no hack?

    Seems legit.
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    Gaming Kid Icarus has invincible rolling just like monster hunter

    Also akin to KH. Don't worry about this breaking gameplay or something- I played it a Comic Con last year and it's actually pretty difficult to pull off a roll.
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    Hacking CiTRUS development

    Okay hold on a second- how does this solve the problem of the fact that we can't sign anything to make it run? He make a .CXI is that significant at all? We still have to sign it, don't we? And we don't have a way to sign anything, right? What am I missing?
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    Final Fantasy 13-2 - Thoughts?

    Only problem is that it's WAY too easy. It actually gets easier as the game goes on too
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    Hardware Has anyone had any luck getting Nintendo to replace thier 3DS?

    In case anyone's wondering, I just got off the phone with them and they're going to fix it for free.
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    Hacking R4i-SaveDongle Updates & Info

    I'm aware that we can decrypt type 1 games, but I haven't heard any accounts of re-encrypting them and having them run after re-encryption. So that still hasn't happened?
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    Hacking R4i-SaveDongle Updates & Info

    [/font] Waitwat. We can actually modify saves now???
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    Hacking R4i Save Dongle

    Finally got mine today! Also in a manilla bubble mailer from Canada (I'm in California). Review tomorrow after I try it out.
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    Hacking New Xbox, no idea where to start, a few questions

    I don't, I have a 4GB slim
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    Hacking New Xbox, no idea where to start, a few questions

    That looks great! Can you find me a guide on how to check which drive I have? Apparently the x360dock isn't compatible with all of them.
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    Hacking New Xbox, no idea where to start, a few questions

    I just got a new Xbox 360 and would like to hack it. But I have absolutely no idea where to start and I can't find a tutorial that starts form the beginning (All seem to assume you know a lot already). Help with this would be nice So questions: -Are all Xboxes hackable? -If not, how can I check...
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    Hardware Has anyone had any luck getting Nintendo to replace thier 3DS?

    My launch day 3DS, now that I'm actually playing it, is suffering the bottom screen scratching the top screen issue. Will Nintendo replace it?
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    Hacking Crown3ds flashcard - Hacking your 3DS and playing 3DS games

    I won't even consider getting one until there are user reviews post January proving that it works. Even then it'll be a factor of price because you KNOW once the Acekard team figures it out they'll have a better and cheaper one.
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    Hacking R4i Save Dongle

    Mine's coming! I'll be sure to write an honest review. Really hope we get a savehack out of this.
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