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  1. Belickade

    Hacking [Release] AdrenalineDocs - Custom PS1 & PSP Bubbles for Adrenaline w/ Game Manuals (700+ Bubbles)

    What is AdrenalineDocs? AdrenalineDocs creates a custom Adrenaline Icon and Background (with Game Manual support) for your PS1 & PSP games on a Playstation Vita running custom firmware. You can find links to the Bubbles, Installation Instructions and Previews at the AdrenalineDocs Google Site...
  2. Belickade

    Hacking System Transfer From Non-Hacked -> Hacked Wii U

    I have 2 Wii U consoles. The 32GB Deluxe (Black) and the 8GB Basic (White). The 8GB is my Hacked console, while the Deluxe 32GB model is my non-hacked system. I've decided to sell off the 32GB system, while keeping the 8GB Basic. The 32GB has been my main system. It has all my saves, purchased...
  3. Belickade

    Hacking USB Loader GX Ripping Games Incorrectly

    I've got a 2TB HDD (FAT32 32kb cluster size) that is giving me nothing but problems when attempting to use the install function within USB Loader GX. Regardless of what game I install, none of them work. I finally decided to try installing a game onto an 8GB USB stick and noticed a rather large...
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