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    Can you patch ds roms to fool them into thinking you have the GBA cart they want inserted?

    well yeah if you have a single game only flashcart that will work. but most i know of have a menu to pick the GBA game. someone else asked "can a rom detect another rom" and gave the example of wanting to provide a gba rom to the R4 flashcart to get the exclusive content for the game, without...
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    Can you patch ds roms to fool them into thinking you have the GBA cart they want inserted?

    With emulators, you can attach both a gba and a ds rom and the emulated DS will detect the emulated gba game. For obvious reasons, you cannot replicate this with a gba flashcart and ds flashcart on real hardware. The GBA flashcart has to boot to be seen as the real game, and the DS game will...
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    Gaming What happens when the clock battery dies?

    Unfortunately, playing predownloaded games early is a valid concern for Sony, and the alternative is to disable predownloads, and cause their servers to be packed more at release date. And since all games copy to the hard drive from the disc (to make all games have downloadable versions) it...
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    Gaming What happens when the clock battery dies?

    This actually needs a fix from Sony. There are two reasons the ps4 requires a synched and cryptosigned clock to boot all games. 1) To enforce predownloading. If the clock wasn't synched you could play digital games before release date. 2) If you can time travel, you can get trophies shown as...
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    Man arrested in Japan for selling hacked Shiny Pokemon

    The actual law literally does make it illegal to mess with saves if they are protected. I finally took a look at the official english translation. What it pretty much does is apply their equivalent of the DMCA to game saves, which until the amendment in 2018 were not covered. Note that...
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    PS1/2 .bin to .img converter for PSX games???

    I'm actually fighting with this exact problem. i have a bin/cue file. when mounted in a virtual drive the audio is borked. whe burned to a physical disk, and then ripped to img it works. i wish to go from bin cue to img directly without having to burn it. how is this done without buying any...
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    GoRetro! Portable announced

    yeah, he's the author. it appears like it would work as a NES rom, but for example the "nes" Frogger from majesco won't run on an actual NES, and uses JUST enough onebus only stuff to NOT work on a real NES.
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    Tonyhax is a new softmod backup loader for the PlayStation 1

    if anyone wants games to test, dance dance revolution 1st mix (jp) has the simple anti-mod check that you don't need to swap to beat, and 3rd mix has the more complicated check that normally requires swapping or a gameshark to beat unless you have a stealth chip.
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    Tonyhax is a new softmod backup loader for the PlayStation 1

    There are multiple versions of the anti-mod check. the first anti-mod check simply tried to read the protection wobble without actually moving the laser to the proper spot. if this PASSED, the anti-mod check failed. The auto disabling mod chip beat this one. This unlock code shouldn't affect...
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    GoRetro! Portable announced

    Oddly enough this actually has a ROM that's worth extracting from it. There' a brand new NES Tetris game in it. It actually doesn't suck. But i would hate to play on it's crappy hardware. there seems to be no other source of the game. I duuno if this uses onebus specific features, or is a...
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    PS1/2 Wow, after over 20 years, the PS2 is still the less import friendly console to play on!

    For a phat ps2, the ideal method is a network adapter, a 2 tb ide hard drive that fits it, and use of free dvd boot to install free hd boot. you can network install your ps2 games to hard drive and run them with open ps2 loader. Or run them directly across the network. Sadly, such things are...
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    Tonyhax is a new softmod backup loader for the PlayStation 1

    The change with the newer bios was to make the console check protection TWICE during the boot. To beat this, you swap near the end of the white screen from your original to your backup. then wait for the disk to slow down again and swap to your original, then swap again to the backup as soon as...
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    Tonyhax is a new softmod backup loader for the PlayStation 1

    No, this hack tells the drive to tell lie to the console and say the protection check passed, while still reading the new TOC. I'm amazed if this even beats anti-mod games.
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    Piracy: Common Myths

    The bottom line is distributed copies are infringing unless they are backups given to the new owner at the same time as the originals. and an infringing copy can only be made non infringing by the copyright holder. Owning a cart doesn't entitle you to download an infringing copy, despite the...
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    Japan's Unfair Competition Law Amended. Save Editing now illegal.

    The point of this law is to stop people from making hacked pokemon. :) Seriously, Someone got arrested for selling their services turning pokemon shiny for sword and shield. If you accept any money for hacking a save, it's illegal in japan. If you make a program that can make pokemon shiny...
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    Piracy: Common Myths

    The NES (and presumably anything earlier) has expired patents. maybe the master system can be cloned too. But only systems that don't have a BIOS, can be cloned so easily.
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    Hacking Need help finding R4 software

    That cart probably runs hacked wood 1.62 What cart icon is it when plugged in? Is it atlantis Squarepantis? I'd try ace3ds+ or firmware with it. the requested filename seems to suggest the one...
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    Hacking [R4][Firmwares] * - Ask For Your R4i-SDHC Clone Firmware! - *

    the wood 1.64 has the real time save feature, i think. 1.62 does not. as for that v1.4.1 card, according to the cards website, THIS is the right firmware yes i KNOW the website doesn't match, but the link there...
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    Homebrew [Release] Lemmings for 3DS

    There's no such thing as corresponding levels, except for the special ones with the unique graphics (A BEAST of a level, What an AWESOME level, etc.). The current music behavior is how the dos version worked.
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    Homebrew OPEN_AGB_FIRM discussion thread

    Well, there's a number of possibilities. 1) game has 1 sdk string, and saves. This is what we hope. but the sdk string won't always reveal the size. emulators generally can just read the protocol during initialization and pick the right size when more than one are possible. We probably don't...
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