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  1. thorasgar

    Hardware GameCube Adapter delayed unit 5/19 in UK?

    What the hell Nintendo? Unforeseen production issues again? You have to be kidding me.
  2. thorasgar

    Gaming #mariokart is trending on Twitter today!

    But You DO NOT want to know why. Just stay away, Toad has been defamed and the Mushroom Kingdom will never be the same.
  3. thorasgar

    BotW cuts into p0rn traffic Has the Switch impacted your viewing pleasure?
  4. thorasgar

    Hardware Playing With Power: A Look At Nintendo Switch Power Consumption

    Anandtech just published a review on the power consumption. Finally we have some reliable tests.
  5. thorasgar

    Hardware Dock power output

    Just took a look at the bottom of the dock and noticed something interesting. Power input is listed as 15V 2.6 A as expected but power output is listed as 15V 1.2A. I speculated on this before as the USB ports also need power. It depends on how many amps the Switch can actually draw but the...
  6. thorasgar

    Hardware Dock mod possible?

    There have been lots of complaints about needing the official dock for TV output. The dock is not very mobile and prevents the use of a more smartphone/tablet like protective case. Taking a look at this thing I wonder if it isn't possible to pull the circuitry out of it and put it in a 3D...
  7. thorasgar

    Hardware PSA: UPS Severe weather caused significant disruption at Louisville Hub Severe Weather in Louisville, KY, Causing Delays Severe weather in Louisville, KY, caused a significant disruption to operations at Worldport®, UPS's main hub in the United States. As a result, some shipments...
  8. thorasgar

    Gaming Walmart BotW SE preorders up 3/9 delivery or p/u (USA) For those in US. Just successfully ordered one. Who knows if it will get cancelled. Figured I could switch out the BotW disk and return. The one from got cancelled as I expected.
  9. thorasgar

    Hardware Rather scathing piece by Polygon: Switch is in beta Seems a bit harsh to me but does does have some deserved criticism over Nintendo's silence on issues.
  10. thorasgar

    Gaming Touchscreen only games now allowed? I had not really thought about this before but it appears Nintendo is going to allow touch screen only games on the Switch. That opens it up the all the Candy Crush's and Mobile Strikes of the mobile gaming world. Are pay to win and micro...
  11. thorasgar

    Gaming Walmart keeping it classy
  12. thorasgar

    Gaming BotW SE up at
  13. thorasgar

    Hardware Joy Cons reported choppy when blocked by hand Gamexplain has this video up showing if you cover either Joy Con with your and the signal gets choppy. Never tried this with a regular controller because, well, both hands are on it. Not sure if this is a real world problem or not...
  14. thorasgar

    Switch digital downloads cannot be shared with across multiple systems

    Per Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development General Manager Shinya Takahashi
  15. thorasgar

    Gaming Amazon cancelling some BotW ME preorders

    Over on r/Nintendoswitch in the last 10 minutes there have been 3 posts claiming that Amazon has cancelled their Master Edition preorders because the "item is no longer available. Hope it is not to widespread. There are going to be some very unhappy campers. Edit: so 1 1/2 hours later there...
  16. thorasgar

    Hardware Amazon Japan preorder is live

    Just clicked through and it took me to sign on screen. Allegedly will ship internationally. I guess if you are really desperate.
  17. thorasgar

    Hardware GameStop giving out 1,000 preorders this Saturday!

    How is that for clickbait? So go to Gamestop Saturday and you have a chance to be awarded a preorder! Sounds great! So what are my chances of getting one of those slots, maybe if I buy something I will have a better chance...
  18. thorasgar

    Gaming Is this OoT a first print?

    I forgot I had this and came across it the other day as I am selling some games to fund a Switch. I noticed in eBay some listings that said "First Print" with the little French tag on the left had side and sold for a bit more. Also noticed some listings that said First Print but the photo...
  19. thorasgar

    Gaming The Jackbox Party Pack 3 coming to Switch
  20. thorasgar

    Hardware Online $17.50 -$26.50 allegedly If accurate I think that is something most can live with and even embrace if it improves the quality.
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