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  1. jajamundo

    Hacking Error installing Metroid Dread

    I just want to tell you THANKS!!!!!!! Really solve my problem!! I wish i knew this before, because I thought it was a problem with my SD CARD so I formatted first and download all over my games!!
  2. jajamundo

    Hacking Error installing Metroid Dread

    I’m having a real hedeache trying to install this game Every time I tried to install this game it just gave a infinite loading icon When I use gold leaf it gave me and error. This happen with TinWoo Please help!!! It only happens with this game!
  3. jajamundo

    error on atmos after update

    Glad it worked for you The new atmosphere doesn’t work with fuse primary. The fss0=atmosphere/fusee-secondary.bin in hekate_ipl.ini must be changed to fss0=atmosphere/package3
  4. jajamundo

    error on atmos after update

    Delete all atmosphere files on your SD Card and install all them manually. Do the same with hetake
  5. jajamundo

    ROM Hack Monster Hunter Rise Save Data port on PC

    Is too early to know! But probably it will be! Just like with MHGenerations port from the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch
  6. jajamundo

    PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold games announced for October 2021

    I don’t understand why people still comparing PS+ monthly games with Game Pass on Xbox? Is clearly something different! PS+ = Xbox Gold
  7. jajamundo

    Hacking Help guys

    What kind of help you want?? If your HDD fried it means doesn’t work at all. Need to buy a new one and start downloading again all your games
  8. jajamundo

    Hacking New NSP Doesn't Work on SX OS?

    If you don’t care about burning fuses, then is ok you can use the same SX Emunand on atmosphere
  9. jajamundo

    Gaming save game help!

    Try using JKSV SX save manager only works on SX OS and not in atmosphere. Checkpoint is kind of obsolete at this point
  10. jajamundo

    Gaming No backup prodinfo

    Sino tienes el backup de tu prodinfo no puedes hacer nada. Lo siento. Por eso es que dicen que guarden esa información en algún lugar seguro.
  11. jajamundo

    Hacking Question Undefined Instruction when boot

    We need a little bit of information. Are you using atmosphere or SX OS? You are on what version?
  12. jajamundo

    Homebrew WIP [Official] switch-lan-play

    Is there a way to set up this using a rapsberry pi? Thanks!! I dont want to turn on my computer everytime I want to play a game
  13. jajamundo

    Hacking Installing games via Dock

    You can install games via usb or FTP
  14. jajamundo

    ROM Hack Question Using saves of an other profile?

    Yes, you only need to backup your save data using for example “Checkpoint” and then just inject it on whatever switch you want
  15. jajamundo

    Hacking Switch for SX OS

    That’s why I didn’t mention spacecraft, but you are right!
  16. jajamundo

    Hacking Switch for SX OS

    Yes and no! If you have a unpatched switch you can run sx os or atmosphere, but if you have a patched one you only can run sx os (you need to buy the mod chip)
  17. jajamundo

    Man arrested in Japan for selling hacked Shiny Pokemon

    Playing legit is always better!! Is really hard to get shiny Pokemon and people take advantage of this. I know this is not going to stop the hack Pokemon, but is a start
  18. jajamundo

    Hacking Question Updating Switch Rev. 1 from 8.1.0 (0.9.2 AMS) to latest version?

    ChoiDujourNX is obsolete, just use Daybreak that comes with the latest atmoshpere
  19. jajamundo

    Firmware Nintendo Switch firmware version 11.0.0 out now

    Since I read this thread I really was waiting for this moment!!! Now tell me how you feel? Please! SX just received an update and you are not Nostradamus or don’t know what you think you are guessing stuffs!
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